New Healthcare Customer Service Training Program Helps Practices Retain Patients

Company's new healthcare-focused online training course includes customer service handouts, video lessons, tests, and certificates for graduates, HealthCARE Transformed reports

A new online healthcare customer service training program from HealthCARE Transformed provides everything needed for practices and clinics to ensure that patients will keep coming back. Heightened healthcare patient satisfaction not only correlates with improved outcomes, as a widely cited 2010 report in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery found, it also contributes directly to healthcare patient retention.

With so many high-quality healthcare options to choose from, patients who feel they are not receiving a suitable level of service become much more likely to move on. The new online HealthCARE Transformed training courses provide staff members with all the healthcare-specific grounding in customer service fundamentals they need to succeed.

With studies consistently showing that "the number one cause for poor patient retention is poor customer service," the new HealthCARE Transformed training program can help any healthcare practice grow. As more insurers begin to tie reimbursement rates to patient satisfaction figures, providing top-quality healthcare customer service will become even more important.

"Patients today often have many excellent healthcare providers to choose from, so even a small lapse in customer service can be problematic," said HealthCARE Transformed President and CEO Christi Baker. "Patients rightly want to feel that the doctors and staff members they trust and work with care about them and are doing everything possible to keep them healthy. Strong customer service is a cornerstone of effective healthcare delivery. Our new online training courses are designed to provide healthcare staff members with the skills they need to exceed patients' expectations as a matter of course."

CARTI, a full-service cancer provider in Arkansas, was one of the first organizations in the state to offer the training to its staff. “We have an incredible staff who all got into oncology because they love serving patients,” said Alison Melson, Vice President of Communications and Marketing at CARTI. “We were selected to be part of a pilot program for HealthCARE Transformed. The training was appreciated by our staff, who felt as though it reminded them of some of the basics of customer service, but also taught them new skills in how to better take care of our patients, no matter what their role at CARTI.”

A feature titled "Health Plans' Survival Could Depend on Customer Service" published last year by Health Leaders Media detailed how many insurers were struggling to retain members who had become more apt to switch plans in search of improved customer service. A corresponding development has been ongoing for many years among healthcare providers, with the decades-long doctor-patient relationships of the past becoming increasingly rare.

While providing the best and most suitable healthcare is always important, ensuring that patients feel respected and cared about can matter just as much when it comes to patient retention. The new online HealthCARE Transformed training program provides an accessible way for staff members to acquire the customer service skills they need to achieve this important goal and help any healthcare practice grow.

About HealthCARE Transformed:

Giving healthcare customer service the attention and respect it deserves, HealthCARE Transformed offers a comprehensive online training program that can help practices and clinics retain patients, thrive and grow. Based in Conway, AR, Healthcare Transformed was started by Baker, who has 10 years as a physician liaison and more than 20 years in healthcare marketing. She created the program as she saw a need for physicians to provide real-time training to their staff on the fundamentals of customer service.

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