New Forex School App Makes Learning Fun and Easy, with Advanced Trading Knowledge in Just 3 Days

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Forex trading is a hot trend today, with many so-called gurus who promise learners about making millions, but their real aim is to only sell their costly courses, whose costs could run into thousands of dollars.

As a refreshing break from such scams comes a free forex course in the form of a learn forex trading app – the Forex School app – where anyone can begin with the basics in just 30 minutes, and get advanced in just 3 days!

The trading app Forex School is unlike any other learning platform for beginners. Staying miles away from scams, like the ones who recently cached in millions of dollars with fake schemes, this learning app is free for beginners, so no worries! There are no ads either or tracking, so that makes it perfectly safe too. Simply download and start learning forex lessons online with small, easy to understand lessons.

“Our Forex App will make you a proficient new trader and teach you the basics of currency trading without putting you to sleep,” says a spokesperson for Forex School.

The Forex School app carries many resources, including tips from experts (Warren Buffet included), flowcharts that are easy and simple to follow to make good decisions on when to buy or sell, quizzes after lessons, the basics of forex markets, and more.

“I love the way it looks, and the lessons are explained in an easy-to-understand way that makes trading feel less daunting. Also the quizzes are a fun quick way to make sure you understood the main points of each lesson,” says a recent reviewer.
The Forex School app removes boring text and reading time, and makes forex lessons come alive. This app will bring forex trading to the fingertips of everyone, making them little masters of the foreign exchange markets. The app is built with the help of a multinational crew of present and former traders, holding a combined experience of over 100 years.
Learning forex trading is easy with Forex School, which offers features such as:

How to read, study and use forex charts to your advantage
What separates successful traders from losers, and how you can avoid ending up on the wrong team
What makes a great trading platform and how to avoid falling for shady brokers

The Forex School app welcomes everyone to start building their forex trading foundation, while also having fun and testing their skills on a real-time forex trading simulator.

Download The Award winning Forex School App.
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