New FinerRibbon Showroom Opens To The Public

FinerRibbon brings their world-class custom ribbons from their website to the showroom floor.

Ribbons are the exclamation points of the decorative industry. A great ribbon can make a gift pop, add panache to a package, or spruce up an event. With so many types and colors of ribbons, it can be difficult to find the one to meet customer needs.

FinerRibbon ( has been fulfilling this need for some time, serving clients worldwide with their unmatched selections of color, material, and types of ribbons. With competitive prices, high quality production, and fast delivery, FinerRibbon is the ultimate stop for any and all decorative needs. Now, the company is expanding from the world wide web, to the real world.

New FinerRibbon Showroom

While the website continues to serve clients around the world, a public showroom has also recently opened in Laval, Canada. Anyone can come and visit to see all of the color, type, and material options in person. Friendly staff will be more than happy to assist each and every client in finding their perfect personalized ribbon. FinerRibbon is probably the only company in North America to offer in-house consultation for personalized ribbons, allowing for a one-on-one environment between the client and a company representative. Customers can see actual samples of their design and send it to production, which only takes between two and three days, making it faster than other competitors. In this new state of the art showroom, customers can also purchase their merchandise on the spot, allowing for unique hands on experiences that only a showroom setting can provide.

Get Expert Advice

Consultants are available to meet with customers to establish the type of ribbons needed, be it for corporate or personal use. Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday, brand marketing, product packaging, or any other occasion, the expert professionals on staff can work with the customer to create the ideal ribbon. This level of selection, customization, and focus on personalized service is a winning combination that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

FinerRibbon is composed of passionate individuals who have years of experience in the ribbon industry. They have applied this knowledge and passion to everything they do for their clients. This has allowed the company to compile the largest color library across the three varieties of ribbon; Satin, Grosgrain, and Organza (Chiffon). A massive network of manufacturers and widespread regional shipping warehouses backs the company. With these resources, the quality is high and production times are fast, all while keeping the prices low for the consumer.

A quick visit to the company’s website will instantly showcase the variety and quality of the products on offer. The company goes by a simple principle that is evident in everything they do. On the “About Us” page, the principle reads: “To provide customer service and assistance that is prompt, courteous and professional, always ensuring our customer’s convenience and satisfaction.” A wholesome and strong message that drives the company’s success today and going forward.

About FinerRibbon

Founded in 2002, FinerRibbon has been a leading provider of ribbons for all occasions, be they personal or corporate. With the world’s largest color library and access to all types of ribbons that are fully customizable, their success has been massive. With a new showroom now open in Laval, Canada, clients can visit consultants in person and receive individualized recommendations, see the sample in person, and purchase quantities to be put directly into production. The showroom is open on weekdays from 9AM to 6PM and is closed on weekends. The corporate headquarters are also located in Laval, Canada. For more information about FinerRibbon or to get some expert ribbon advice please reach us at

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