New Exfoliators by Thermalabs Emerge Top Sellers in the Market

Thermalabs two new exfoliators appear to be doing great in the market.

The Lavender and Vanilla Patchouli exfoliators, two products that were launched by Thermalabs last month, appear to be doing extraordinary well in the market. Already, both these exfoliators have recorded an average 5-star rating from, the world’s premier online marketplace. According to Thermalabs, they have also sold thousands of units. This is no mean achievement for any product that’s barely two months old on the market.

Thermalabs is a premier cosmetics company based in the United States. The firm’s main headquarters are in New York City. However, Thermalabs owns and operates a couple of production plants in other countries. Most of its products are manufactured at a facility in Galilee, Israel. Thermalabs has so far introduced nearly 30 different products in the market. The majority of these are tanning aids, tanning accessories and machines. The firm has also ventured into the beach products industry, as well as the organic healthcare space. Thermalabs long-term strategy appears to target both the cosmetics and organic healthcare industries.

Thermalabs Organic Lavender is a premium body scrub exfoliator that’s designed using Dead Sea minerals and a mix of other unique ingredients. The product exfoliates dead skin cells off the outer layer of the skin. This way, it helps with cell regeneration and as well promote to healing and nourishment of the skin. It’s great for self-tanning addicts, as well as any other users who are serious about promoting the health and beauty of the skin. This product also doubles up as a moisturizer for dry and chapped skin. It leaves a mild lavender fragrance on the skin after it’s used.

Thermalabs Vanilla Patchouli is also a body scrub exfoliator that’s made using Dead Sea minerals, and a couple of other different ingredients. It removes dead cells from the outer layers of the skin and moisturizes the skin as well. Just like the lavender exfoliator, this product is designed to help nourish and repair the skin. It can be used by self-tanning fans, and just about any other user who wants to enhance skin health.

Both these products have sold thousands of units each on, the world’s number one e-commerce marketplace. They have also scored an average 5-star rating each. Thermalabs coordinator in charge of outbound marketing, Mr. Alex Howard, said, “both our exfoliators are performing well in the market. We designed these products to be different from what users have been accustomed to. They include some very rare mineral salts extracted from the Dead Sea and a number of other exfoliation-handy ingredients that most of the competition doesn’t have. Our two exfoliators not only have managed to sell thousands of units, but have also scored consistent 5-star ratings from customers who have actually bought and used them. This is an indicator for great things coming. As usually, our goal is to make sure that we avail top-quality products that impress and deliver for our users. We are happy that we have a great start for these exfoliators.”

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