New England Fat Loss Expands to Longmeadow, MA

This press release talks about New England Fat Loss's newly expanded location in Longmeadow, MA, describes their metabolic weight loss process and the benefits of their metabolic weight loss program.

New England Fat Loss is a revolutionary metabolic weight loss clinic in MA that produces guaranteed results without diet, exercise, or surgery. At New England Fat Loss, a highly trained team of coaches, trainers, and doctors provides a personalized weight loss plan suited to each client’s body. For added convenience, New England Fat Loss has just added a sixth location in Longmeadow, MA. This new center will offer the same great weight loss programs that the other centers have established. Both new and previous clients will be able to enjoy the addition of this new opening. In an official statement, New England Fat Loss asserts that, “It’s time for western Massachusetts to enjoy the same great weight loss options available to the rest of the state.”

New England Fat Loss won’t just resolve weight issues, it works alongside clients to repair and restore unhealthy metabolism. This creates a life-changing permanent weight loss solution keeps the weight off for good. At New England Fat Loss, each center’s team of medical professionals has educated thousands of clients about their metabolism, health risks and lifestyle changes. So far, the New England Fat Loss program has helped its clients lose over 85,000 combined pounds.

What sets New England Fat Loss apart from other weight loss solutions is its exceptional standard to produce long-lasting, guaranteed results. Its staff offers decades of combined experience in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, and physiology. The professionals at New England Fat Loss understand every step of weight loss transformation from concept to completion. They keep in close contact with each and every client to ensure a personal touch with continued motivation. When compared to other weight loss solutions, the company’s metabolic weight loss program is much safer and much more affordable than typical gastric bypass surgery or plastic surgery. Their methods are tested, effective, and proven to work. Client testimonials frequently corroborate this. In the last five years, especially, New England Fat Loss has built a tremendous reputation among its clients for the success of its program and its commitment to full satisfaction.

Enrolling in New England Fat Loss’s metabolic program is straightforward and cost-effective. There are no complex procedures or paperwork. The center’s medical professionals will examine a potential client’s medical history to create a customized plan with realistic, achievable goals. The first visit includes a free diet analysis and the guarantee to lose 20 pounds naturally within 40 days. A complete body analysis includes indicators from body fat composition to visceral fat levels. With this information, the dedicated weight loss experts at New England Fat Loss will then provide an individual weight loss program with guidelines to achieve a permanent lifestyle change. The motivational coaches and trainers keep their clients on track toward a successful weight loss journey.

Delicious foods today are often saturated in fat, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. Succumbing to too many of these food cravings leads to rapid weight gain. This rapid weight gain can produce dangerous health complications in a country where obesity has become an epidemic. Part of New England Fat Loss’s mission statement is that it’s never too late to take the first step toward improving one’s lifestyle. That’s why New England Fat Loss only employs the most renowned weight loss professionals from Massachusetts. They have tremendous expertise to share with anyone who desires a better, healthier lifestyle.

Excess weight puts extreme pressure on the spine, joints, and muscles, leading to greater susceptibility to injury. Losing weight leads to reductions in hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol level, heart disease and musculoskeletal pain. It also leads to increased activity, stamina and an overall healthier lifestyle. The National Institutes of Health found that untreated obesity can shorten an individual’s lifespan by about 14 years. According to the experts at New England Fat Loss, this is extremely preventable.

Obesity leads to numerous other health complications as well, the most common of which are sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, gout, high blood pressure, diabetes, gallbladder disease, heart disease and stroke. New England Fat Loss has helped its clients correct and balance their underlying weight issues with an effective metabolic plan.

The medical community usually treats obesity with an outside-in approach. This means that doctors treat symptoms without taking into consideration their underlying cause. Typically, doctors prescribe pills or surgery to address symptoms. At New England Fat Loss, they take a different approach - an inside-out approach. Its staff works to identify the underlying causes of weight gain rather than just targeting the symptoms. Since the primary factor in weight gain is altered metabolism, New England Fat Loss uses a scientific approach to correct and balance these alterations. In doing so, they’re able to create a much safer, longer-lasting change.

Many Americans fall prey to common weight loss mistakes. Over-exercising or starving, for example, doesn’t actually work. In these situations, according to New England Fat Loss, individuals put their body and metabolism in a state of crisis. When the body goes into crisis, it holds on to stored fat as an energy reserve. New England Fat Loss wants people to know that this is clearly counter-productive to successful weight loss.

New England Fat Loss now has 6 locations across Massachusetts, in Auburn, Hopkinton, Newton, North Andover, Westborough, and Longmeadow. For more valuable weight loss information from New England Fat Loss, please visit its website for a free consultation today:

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