New Documentary "Inside the Garbage of the World" Released

Oxnard, California / February 25, 2014 / Filmmakers Philippe and Maxine Carillo have just released their film "Inside the Garbage of the World" on YouTube, which was filmed and produced in California and the beautiful Islands of Hawaii in the Fall of 2013. After becoming aware of the dramatic situation that occur currently in the ocean and the hidden fact that we are getting poisoned, they decided to do a film to raise awareness and to unfold the myth of the Plastic Trash Island, as they give people the right information about the effects of pollution and the solution to make a difference.

Oceanographers, Scientist and Experts such as Capt. Moore (Algalita Marine Research Institute), Anna Cummins (5 Gyres Institute), Dr. Andrea Neal (Jean-Michel Cousteau), Mary Crowley (Ocean Voyage Institute - Project Kaisei) and many other experts are sharing their experiences and researches.

The film was done with a low budget, shot, edited and mixed by Philippe Carillo in Full HD. It took him 6 months between the start of the shooting to the end product. You can see the film at the address below:

About Philippe Carillo:

Philippe Carillo, a French citizen who lives in California for the past 10 years, have been working on more than 60 major documentaries for 20th Century Fox, BBC, Planet (France) and French Productions on the post-production and French version field. Originally a Sound Engineer, he now directs and produces his own films.

Maxine Carter-Carillo, his wife, a US citizen, is a former Model and Actress on Steven Bochco's “NYPD Blue” and “City of Angels”. She is currently a Screenwriter.

Together, they have the passion of raising awareness of the threat to our environment.

Media Contact:

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