New Directory of Local Chiropractors Launched offers organic first page rankings to the current website of chiropractic practices. The results are fast and risk free.

The launch of a new website at has been announced by Paul Clark. For area residents, the new directory will help to easily locate information about the best chiropractor in the local area. Chiropractors are perhaps the best known alternative to traditional medicine. With the amount of competition in the field, chiropractors are forced to find new methods to attract new traffic without spending a fortune on marketing tactics.

Searchers who use the directory at will be shown to the specific website of the chiropractor when they click the result on the search engine results page (SERP). Instead of competing with all other competitors inside of the directory, the link leads to the specific chiropractor. Studies have shown that first-page organic rankings obtain more than seventy percent of the overall clicks for that search term. The top five results garner more than 67 percent of all clicks.

Local chiropractors are placed on the first page of search engines with no risk to the practice. The directory is set up to sort by the city. Many are already ranking highly and other cities will be added as requested. The results from placement in the directory happen immediately or within 48 hours. Each chiropractic office in the directory is assured that there will be no cost until a first page ranking is reached.

Although chiropractors can and should rank their own website, it typically takes a longer time and can be costly. By using the local directory services there is immediate traffic and rankings from a URL which is already ranked. Using our directory and also ranking your site makes it possible to own more real estate on the first page of search results giving you a competitive advantage. No long-term contracts are necessary. If the page is not ranked on the first page for the selected keyword, there is no payment needed.

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Name: Paul Clark
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Address: 4528 Forest Road, Lansing, MI
Phone: (517) 242-5882

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