New Decentralized Messaging App ySignSolves Longstanding Issues of Data Privacy and Manipulation

ySign is a decentralized instant messenger with complete user data security and privacy.

The future of communication is here with the blockchain-driven messenger app and crypto wallet, ySign. A decentralized messenger, ySign is what today’s users want, combining end-to-end security, no private data storage, and all conversations made completely confidential. Users can communicate with ease, knowing that no one is watching them. Plus, they can send crypto to friends in a breeze!

The big issues of data breach, manipulation and security have rocked the tech giants in the recent past. Users have come to realize they can’t trust the big tech giants with their personal data anymore. ySign is the perfect solution to all data privacy woes, as its primary goal is to ensure users’ information is kept safe from harm and misuse.

Since privacy and data breach concerns are putting off a large number of global users, ySign is the need of the day, with no centralized servers to store any user data. ySign is currently in the Beta version, and welcomes users to share and leave feedback.

“We are giving our users the chance to communicate freely, securely, and anonymously. Exchanging information has never been easier and more secure, thanks to Blockchain technology,” said a spokesperson for ySign.

When users perform instant messaging chats with each other on ySign, a copy of their messages and calls is stored only on their own device, not on any central server. In this way, ySign ensures 100% security and privacy. To signup, users don’t even need to share any personal information. They simply generate an ID key and create a password. ySign uses its own blockchain that will be disclosed at a future date, once it is ready for public release.

ySign can be used for personal chats, trading conversations, business and pleasure with complete peace of mind. Available for both Apple and Android, the app will soon feature an integrated crypto wallet.
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