New Debtor Location Service Launched For Creditors In UK

A new debtor tracing service has been launched. The 24-hour service can be used to locate a debtor on a compliant and legal basis.

A new company has been set up and is designed to ensure that creditors have an easy and effective way to track debtors for either debt recovery or litigation purposes. DebtTrace™ was launched at the beginning of 2021.

The company designed the tracing service to be highly effective. According to the business, DebtTrace™ has a 98% tracing success level, guaranteeing that creditors have the ultimate tool to find debtors and get the money that they are owed without any further delays.

The new service is available to anyone who is seeking to locate a debtor based in the UK.

The founders of the company recognised that there was an opportunity on the UK market for an entrant that offered a tech back debtor tracking service. They focused on delivering an automated system that could provide fast, reliable, and accurate results, providing a service to creditors that was entirely value-based.

The founders behind the new innovative solution recognise that the debt market is constantly evolving. With debt levels surging in the UK, it has become of the utmost importance that creditors can find debtors quickly without delay to ensure that they can claim the money that they are owed.

The new service provides a key way that creditors can access this possibility. Since this is a 24/7 service, there is also never going to be a delay for creditors seeking out a location of a debtor.

The company is focused on providing an unrivalled experience that they believe is the future of debt collection for creditors. Often creditors are left to work with information for debtors that is outdated or even incorrect. DebtTrace™ aims to correct this data issue and ensure that creditors can always access the correct and current information on debtors that they need.

About DebtTrace™

The founders behind the company have been involved in the debtor tracing service since 2001. DebtTrace™ was launched this year with the intention of positively disrupting the industry with an innovative new solution for creditors in the UK.

With more than 20 years of experience in the market, the founders are confident that they can deliver a service that creditors can trust to deliver the results that they need in a constantly shifting financial market.

More information about DebtTrace can be found on the company website. Alternatively, a representative for the business can be contacted using the information below.

Contact Info:
Name: James Johnson
Email: Send Email
Organization: Debtrace™
Address: 303 Goring Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN12 4NX
Phone: 020 8242 1847

Release ID: 89016415