New Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinnext Offers a Fast and Secure Trading Experience

Launch of new cryptocurrency exchange Coinnext with 200 currencies, advanced safety features and total transparency. Coinnext is celebrating by offering 3 months of trading free from trading fees.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinnext opened their doors for trading this week. Coinnext strives to become the ultimate exchange for alt coins; offering the best trading experience possible within a secure and reliable environment.? Their trading platform supports numerous alt coins, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Vertcoin and many others.? The completely transparent exchange says they aim to trade over 200 currencies on their platform, with new alt coins getting added constantly.

Coinnext offers bank-grade security, industry standards and absolute minimum fees. Furthermore they strive to work closely with the vast expanding crypto community to meet the popular demand from crypto enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

Coinnext is credited to offer a wide range of currencies, low fees and fast support. Trading on Coinnext is easy. The users simply puts in a buy or sell order and instantaneously get the accurate price listed and total amount, without any hidden fees. ?The site also shows trade history and recent buy and sell orders making it easy to use for day traders and enthusiasts trading Bitcoin and alt coins.

Coinnext meets all industry standards to safeguard customer data. The majority of customer deposits are stored in offline wallets. All wallets are encrypted and stored in several geographically distributed vaults together with paper backups. All-network traffic is encrypted via SSL and SSH. The site also uses integrated physical firewalls, Cloudflare and regular data backups to ensure redundancy.

As a launch promotion, they have scrapped all trading fees for the first 3 months. This makes it the cheapest destination for enthusiasts to trade coins currently available: presenting a good opportunity for traders worldwide to sign up and check out their markets now.

Coinnext, supported by a highly experienced team of professionals, brings an interesting exchange alternative to the digital currency arena. With soon over 200 currencies, advanced safety features and total transparency; Coinnext contributes to the Bitcoin ecosystem with a fast, secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchange. They can expect Coinnext to make significant strides to become a leader in the alt coin exchange vertical.

Release ID: 46498