New Course gives Restaurant Owners the tools to take control of their Online Reputation

Restaurant owners face mounting challenges with regulations, health concerns, and online reviews. Most owners are not equipped to manage their online reputation, or what is required to take control, of it. This new master course covers the entire process of building an ironclad, holistic reputation.

A Delicate Landscape:
Restaurant are often thought of as a place to go and enjoy some time away and be served. Almost as if they are there for the benefit of the diner. Most people don't think of their favorite local restaurant as someone's personal small business. The restaurant industry needs help. Restaurant Owners face all of the pitfalls and hardships that every other small business endures, and often more. Rising minimum wages, health and safety regulations and Online Reviews and always on their radar.

A recent study published by the Harvard Business School, in April 2017, states that "roughly 5% of restaurants go out of business every year". And with the threats of minimum wage increasing, the study further estimates that, "a one dollar increase in the minimum wage leads to a 14 percent increase in the likelihood of exit for a 3.5-star restaurant (which is the median rating), but has no discernible impact for a 5-star restaurant (on a 1 to 5 star scale)".

A DIY Course to make it simple:
Houghton Chapman Consulting (HCC) has pre-launched a master course that partners with the Restaurant Owner to help them understand how to take control of their online reputation and how to build their restaurant and fill seats with Google reviews and social media and other cutting-edge techniques.

Its a Control Problem:
When it comes to online feedback, restaurants either ignore it, don't know its even out there, or in most cases don't respond to online reviews strategically. When there is a lack of control over the reputation landscape, it results in unnecessary stress for the restaurant owner and the entire staff. With a little planning, control becomes second nature. Things like feedback policies, feedback response scheduling, and feedback staff meetings all contribute to a control environment.

A lack of control is evident when ratings and reviews go unanswered, or when restaurant owners, chefs or staff take their anger and disappointment into their own hands. Public spectacles will almost always end badly, and will absolutely result in neutral to negative publicity. In the online reputation world, that kind of publicity doesn't achieve your goals.

Restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros, diners, delis; they are all experts in the food industry niche. A small group of owners are very savvy online, but most restaurants need a systematic process to take control of their reputation, build a reputation system, and then use it to begin building their restaurant. Filling seats has always been the top priority, right.

There are many reputation companies that specialize in these online reputation strategies, and many of them have produced excellent results for their clients. The key barrier to entry for many restaurants however, is the cost. Reputation Management and reputation marketing services range from $400 USD per month to $10,000 or more, per month. This leaves many restaurant owners with no help, and no tools to help themselves grow online. There are many videos tutorials online, and downloadable guides. It takes time to filter through them and determine which ones are effective strategies and which are not. What restaurants need is a centralized, harmonious program.

The Answer is easier than you thought:
HCC developed The 21 Day Online Restaurant Reputation Bootcamp course to coach restaurant owners, chefs, restaurant staff, and reputation marketing firms on the entire process of understanding what a Holistic Reputation is, how to grab control of it, how to build it and how to use it to dominate. The course is a master course that partners with the student, using step-by-step videos, workbooks, guides and checklists. The course answers the key questions and steps them through the key problems, one by one, in a chronological, and complete process.

Negative reviews and ratings can have a disastrous effect on a growing restaurant. This course has restaurants covered. One module is dedicated to brand new restaurants, one on how to handle Negative feedback, one on how to celebrate Positive feedback, and one on how to save your restaurant when they have a truly bad reputation.

Advanced Access:
The 21 Day Online Restaurant Reputation Bootcamp course is the first launch master course of the Start Grow Master Academy, which will feature hands-on courses for the average small business person. Everything from setting up their presence online, to mastering social media and online advertising. And everything in between.

The 21 Day Bootcamp is available for advanced access through a PRE-LAUNCH, as a thank-you to founding supporters. The course will have an official launch in June 2017.

Every restaurant owner, chef, staff member, and restaurant marketing firm, can benefit from the scope of the material this course covers. All of it is designed to coach the student through important steps in the process and set themselves up to succeed.

The course also discusses hiring a 3rd Party vendor to do the work for them in case they feel like they would like to outsource the work. Using the criteria in the course, students will be better equipped to choose the right vendor if they decide to go that path. Everything has been covered.

Advanced Access can be obtained by going to this website:

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