New Community Based Tarot Website Launched Offering Reviews and Commentary

Consumers can now make informed decisions regarding psychic services states

In an uncertain world, belief in the paranormal has spread at amazing rates. In fact, according to a recent Gallup poll, 50% of all Americans believe in extra-sensory perception, with a whopping 54% professing a belief in psychic or spiritual healing. Tarot cards are one of the most popular types of divination presently used, predicting the future or obtaining accurate information about the past or present. During the recent economic down turn, statistics demonstrate Tarot readers have managed to maintain a constant stream of business, where other, seemingly more lucrative businesses have floundered. Industry experts state a part of the reason is the need for human contact in a world constantly overrun with technology. However, with the onslaught of tarot websites and readers, consumers now have to also be aware of scams.

According to Angela Zurdok, owner of the new site TarotHub, finding the right psychic to work with can take a bit of research. "Unfortunately, as in most industries, there are a number of psychic scams and fraudulent readers on the Internet and in person. These people or firms will claim to be psychic, and then deliver completely inaccurate information or worse, try to gain great amounts of money from their customers. This just isn't right!"

To combat the negative and help consumers find ethical, accurate readers in the industry, Zurdok has launched a new site ( offering tarot news, reviews, guides and advice on divication. Says Zurdok, "This site is all about community. It is a hub where tarot believers and practitioners can come in contact and discuss the esoteric. We also encourage visitors to ask questions or even give us special requests."

The site reviews legitimate Tarot reading websites and includes features, pros and cons, along with their possible pricing to help consumers find the best readings. Explains Zurdok, "Not only do we cover Tarot, but Numerology, Palm Reading, Chakras, Astrology, Dreams, and Horoscopes. To help consumers with their initial step, and in line with celebrating their launch, will be offering free tarot readings to new viewers. "Sometimes, asking a free question or getting a reading is just the step you need to get the initial guidance you need. We're offering a free reading through our site to viewers in an effort to show the public just how powerful a tarot card reading can actually be."

About TarotHub: is a community based website providing an online spot where believers in the arts of divination can gather and share information. The site offers objective reviews and commentary helping consumers avoid the scams. Furrther, the site seeks to decode the mystical world of tarot and psychic divination, providing columns and advice by the world's best known tarot readers.

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