New Commercial Grade High Definition License Plate Backup Camera with Mirror

TadiBrothers is proud to launch its new commercial grade license plate backup camera products. This commercial grade License plate camera is heavy duty and has been designed for longevity from the ground up.

TadiBrothers is proud to launch its new commercial grade license plate backup camera products. This commercial grade license plate camera is heavy duty and has been designed for longevity from the ground up.

It has a matte finish, making it more durable than any of their previous observation cameras. It's also the most high definition lens ever available for any vehicle, which shows every color with unprecedented clarity. The camera also features military grade night vision the likes of which have never been seen on a commercial grade back camera. The engineers have designed it to be extremely durable and resilient, making it cost effective for fleets that are notorious for constantly replacing cameras.  This heavy duty camera will most likely outlive a vehicle or fleet.

At launch this system comes preconfigured with a 7-inch clip on the rearview mirror. It fits over any existing mirror and for those that don't already have a mirror in their vehicle TadiBrothers has adapters for that as well.

The new backup camera system is available in both wired or wireless, with a viewable angle of 130 degrees but can be upgraded to 170 degrees depending on what option is chosen.

The item can be purchased at with SKU52339.  The system has been tested rigorously with 3 large fleets and has been found to deliver a reliable experience every time.

A Tadibrothers representative notes that the TadiBrothers engineers have thought of every detail including the area where the screws go, which is where rust accumulates, and for that reason the camera includes water tight seals. In fact the entire camera is 100% water and weather proof.  Rubber sealer are used in every conceivable opening to make sure the camera works long after one has sold their vehicle.

Since 2003 TadiBrothers has consistently taken backup cameras to the next level of quality and reliability. This is simply their latest  attempt at  moving the industry forward. For more information visit

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