New College Durham Opens First Podiatry Apprenticeship Programme

New College Durham opens apprenticeship with hands on education and training. This offer allows students to start their career early with direct access to clinics in the podiatry field.

In 2014, New College Durham announced a first of its kind programme. The college would be starting a free podiatry apprenticeship directly through the college, a phenomenon never before seen in the UK.

Podiatry, or chiropody, a branch of medicine that focuses specifically on the assessment and treatment of the feet or lower appendages, is a field that has gradually become more sought after. As humans spend a good portion of their day up and on their feet, it is extremely important to keep them healthy and strong. As the need for podiatrists increases, so does the need for places to train podiatrists.

With the announcement of New College Durham’s free podiatry apprenticeship, future podiatrists have a medium to receive firsthand experience in the field. New apprentices will have the opportunity to study at the college and partake in college level podiatry education. Then, for the next week, the apprentices will be stationed with an employer, working hands on in training as a podiatry assistant. The entirety of the programme lasts 18 months. The apprentices will work with certified professionals in a real clinical setting, just as they would as an actual podiatry assistant. This will give those in the programme the necessary experience and training they need to go directly into the field after college.

New College Durham has already established a reputation for putting out successful graduates, but now looks to take their students’ success to the next level with this revolutionary programme. "I'm proud to be part of the New College team that is pioneering this new and exciting opportunity in the podiatry industry," says Alan Moore of New College Durham. By providing this stepping stone between training and application, the college helps interested students gain the qualifications they need to start their career as soon as possible. Such steps to ensure success make the difference between qualified students and employed students. While other colleges simply provide their students with the knowledge they need, New College Durham helps their students put their foot directly into the door of the industry. Those given this opportunity through the apprenticeship already have the necessary training and experience that employers look for, giving them an innate advantage against other applicants.

Podiatrists are required to be calm, professional, and well informed on what they are needed to do. All these skills and more are learned and put into application through the New College Durham apprenticeship programme. Apprentices even gain the opportunity for higher honors, such as the Podiatry Honours Degree through the college. Nothing is better to employers than firsthand experience, so this invaluable opportunity can easily lead to a lifetime of success.

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