New CNC Machineries from ECVV Become A Daring Challenge to Its Competitors

SHENZHEN, China - March 26, 2014: A cluster of new CNC machines has been introduced by ECVV which are poised as a direct challenge to other major B2B online portal. The new CNC Milling Machine and CNC Router Machine displayed on the catalogues expected to infuse fresh waves in the online marketing business and increase the competition.

Machineries play vital role in the overall development of countries in the growing sector. Gone are the days, companies depends on few suppliers. Ever since the arrival of ECVV in the B2B market and their introduction of CNC machines have changed market perspective. Today ECVV enjoys an enviable position in the online business other than its cotemporary competitors. They have consolidated their presence further by adding new products of CNC machineries especially CNC Milling Machine and CNC router with easy terms of supply. From the vast pool of 334 milling machines and 2,681 models of router machines, selection of machines became a convenient option with few mouse clicks.

With the introduction of cutting edge technology incorporated CNC machineries, the sales of CNC Router Machinery re-gained the lost momentum of sales that has been badly affected by the world economic recession. Mr. Steven Chen, the CEO of ECVV put the facts in an overwhelming enthusiasm that “China is expected to rebound in the machineries export market with a projected growth of 6.8% per years. This projected growth is much more than any other industrially developing countries. The new favorable trend shall continue for few years and we have the price flexibility in China's advantage”. He further said, “We have streamlined our marketing efforts by adding more CNC milling machines and CNC routing machines in our portfolio, which are economically priced with quality assurance. To boost the confidence of our clients we have introduced lot of support service, after sales service with the strong backup of our principles”. There are some unique features which are special with ECVV such as product guarantee and replacement or free repair or free service during the warranty and guarantee period. It is could be seen as a bold initiative by ECVV and that marks the differenceof comparing the relatively new incumbent with veterans of this field.

ECVV has a strong presence in machinery portfolio

Buyers would be bemused to see the machinery portfolio of ECVV. Well laid details along with product pictures, technical specification and make of the product gives an ample positive feel of the product. The brand name of the product let the buyers to do a market survey and reach in to a conclusion with justifiable reasoning. It would be a tough experience in going through all the product details. But ECVV has special key word options which allow the customer to search for the exact machine what they are looking for. With these options, clients will be getting few short listed machinery details that would help them to narrow down the selection.State of the art net software is used to give quick computing with lightening speed and accuracy. The site optimized well to meet the customers challenging demands. The overall business environment with ECVV is turned out be a pleasant engagement.

The impact of recession on machinery sales with a global perspective

The world economic recession played an important role in slow down the pace of rapid growth of Chinese machinery tool industry. By 2012 CNC cutting machine touched a whooping growth of 25.8% and CNC forming machine had a growth of 5.8%. This is considered as an exploding growth when compared with world machinery growth and sales. Presently the machinery Chinese industry had a considerable sales drop and the 2013 statistics had shown the growth rate as 5.5 percentage. This is in fact a healthy situation comparing to the other contemporary competition from developing countries. The efforts of ECVV to trap the desperate importers who are looking for cheap and reliable CNC machineries have shown promising results.

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