New Cancer Self Help Book Released

Author, international award winner and 7-time cancer survivor, Phil Kerslake is pleased to announce the release of his new book.

This book was written for cancer patients seeking information and tools to help fight for their recovery; relatives, friends or caregivers wanting to support them more effectively and cancer support professionals looking to offer psychosocial support to people in their care.

Within this best-selling book, Phil Kerslake shows everyone how to use action and attitude to support cancer recovery.

Readers will learn:
- To cope with a cancer battle as they never thought they could
- What being a fighter really means
- What being an "active patient" involves in practice
- To turn faith and hope into verbs and wishes into actions
- To convene a ‘life path audit’ that will feed their will to live
- How to live in accordance with their own way of being, relating and creating to support their recovery prospects
- To create a life with more balance, meaning and fulfillment

Called “The best of its kind” by the Medical Director of the Cancer Society of NZ, this book is both inspirational for patients and highly credible and effective as a resource to complement medical treatments for best outcomes. Endorsed by medical and cancer patient support professionals worldwide:

"A marvellous work chock full of practical information for cancer survivors!" Karen M Meneses PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor & Associate Dean for Research, School of Nursing, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

"It's a terrific book! It's reader-friendly, knowledgeable and calm yet inspirational." Dr Jeff Kane MD, director of psychosocial education, Sierra Nevada Cancer Center, California. Life, Happiness and Cancer is available from Amazon online in both print and ebook formats.

Here is the book information:
"Life, Happiness and Cancer: Survive with Action and Attitude!"
Author: Phil Kerslake
Publisher: Fontaine Press
ISBN: 978-0980417067 (sc)
Published: June 2013
Pages: 174

About The Author:
Phil Kerslake is acknowledged as one of the world’s most extraordinary cancer survivors, as well as a highly respected volunteer cancer patient supporter. He writes for, advises and presents to people affected by all types of cancer. Kerslake has survived 7 diagnoses of an incurable lymphoma since his symptoms first appeared in his mid-teens, 40 years ago. He is a prolific and in-demand conference and forum speaker and a best-selling author and regularly in the media. Kerslake’s remarkable longetivity-against-odds, his expertise and his tireless volunteer work won him an International Re-Building Lives Award in Vienna, Austria in 2007. The American Cancer Society appointed Kerslake an International Hero of Hope in Florida, US, in 2011.

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