New Campaign Highlights the Benefits of Inversion Therapy

Use of an inversion table improves strength and flexibility while relieving back pain reports Inversion Table Reviews Central.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, 31 million Americans experience pain in the lower back at any one time, and back pain remains one of the top reasons for missed days of work. The Global Burden of Disease 2010 names low back pain as the number one reason for disability across the globe, and at least $50 billion is spent in America each year for pain in the back.

"Many are looking into inversion therapy to relieve back pain and need assistance in choosing the right inversion table which is where Inversion Table Reviews Central ( becomes of great help, " Tom Mitchels, company spokesperson, declares.

Many want to learn more about inversion therapy and how it benefits those suffering from back pain before purchasing a table. The first benefit one observes when using an inversion table involves improved circulation. The natural forces of gravity lead to blood pooling in the lower extremities of the body, and the inversion table reverses this blood flow, improving lymph flow and brain function. As Mitchels points out, “Dan Brown, author of The DeVinci Code, uses an inversion table as he says it helps to spark his creative juices.”

Increased flexibility comes with use of an inversion table as it stretches the body in new ways. Vertebrae tend to compress during the day, as a natural reaction to gravity. As they compress, fluid is pushed from the spinal discs, and this leads to a decrease in stability and flexibility. "With the use of inversion therapy, people find the body moves more easily as the vertebrae are stretched and the fluid enters the discs again,” Mitchels continues.

With many tables to choose from, consumers often find they are overwhelmed and don’t know which is best for their needs. With the help of the inversion table buying guide offered at Inversion Table Reviews Central, this no longer needs to be an issue. Consumers must focus on safety at all times, ensuring the selected table is both secure and stable. Next, one should look for a table which may be adjusted to a variety of angles, and consumers need to look into other features and any warranties which come with the device.

"Spend time comparing a number of tables, looking for features such as a durable housing, secure locking clamps and UL certification. Doing so helps to guarantee the table being used provides the desired relief and the many other benefits associated with inversion therapy, “Mitchels explains.

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