New Cabretta Leather Golf Glove Slashes Handicap By Reducing Slices Reports Alpha Impact

Alpha Impact has developed a leather sports glove for golfers that utilizes a three-pronged approach to creating the most accurate swing possible.

A slice is a deeply frustrating flaw in an otherwise capable golfer’s game, and many find themselves frustrated by their inability to train their way out of slicing. While it is said only a bad workman blames his tools, the simple truth is that poor quality equipment can undermine even the most dedicated golfer’s game. Alpha Impact has created a Cabretta leather golf glove that can all but eliminate external causes of slicing, using a three-pronged approach that reinvents the golf glove from the ground up.

The glove uses Lycra adhesion strips within the architecture of the glove to make the leather a second skin which moves only as the hand moves and not around it. Finger ventilation perforations allow a flow of air and reduce sweating to optimize this grip, and AAA quality leather that performs even when wet.

Together, these innovations combine to maximize the transfer of the rotational energy and torque from the body through hands to the clubface. To celebrate the launch of the product, Alpha Impact is currently offering a 70% discount with the promotional code Alpha070.

These Premium Leather Cabretta Golf Gloves are available exclusively from the Amazon Web Store for an introductory price that is sure to guarantee word of mouth does all the advertising the company might need.

A spokesperson for Alpha Impact explained, “The unique combination of high quality leather, finger venting perforations and finger adhesion strips create a super-gripping golf glove that does not affect the way you swing, but rather improves how your swing transfers and acts upon the club to give it optimal, accurate results. Sweating and lack of grip on the narrow radius of a gold club can cause minute shifts that in turn cause loss of power and accuracy. This glove solves those issues and transfers the technology we so successfully applied to other action sports like martial arts and cycling to the world of golf.”

About Alpha Impact: Alpha Impact, the impact sports specialists, has recently added Action Sport Glove Technology to their range of products. The new leather golf glove can improve a golfer’s drive and help reduce their handicap. Alpha Impact offers the perfect solution in the latest Action Sports Glove Technology. They have released golf gloves, cycling and martial arts gloves and more. Sportsmen get the best and can expect a corresponding improvement in safety and performance.

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