New Book Shows How To Get Past Behavior Problems and Unleash the Brilliance of Your Child

‘Unleashed’ by author Chris Reavis helps parents understand how a child’s brain works to promote stronger family bonds.

One of Oregon’s most reputable parent coach’s has proudly released a new book, entitled Unleashed, to support parents of children with autism, ADHD, depression, and other additional needs by teaching them how to get inside the brain of their son or daughter and ultimately unlock the child’s full potential in all aspects of their development.

Finding New Solutions To Unleash Improved Family Lives

Every day, millions of frustrated parents ask “what will it take to unleash my child’s brilliance?’ because they’ve previously tried - and failed - with a range of conventional and unconventional solutions like medications, therapy, or advice from friends and family. In this book, leading parenting expert Chris Reavis provides the answers by presenting a practical application of proven approaches designed to help parents and children move beyond the
challenges of autism, ADHD, and even depression.

The book enables parents to finally unleash their child’s true potential by creating a clear path forward, removing all the painful guesswork and uncertainty that have previously hindered their progress as a family. As a family living with autism itself, Reavis chronicles his own family's real-life experiences in an engaging and relatable fashion. Coach Jim Johnson, Inspirational Leadership Speaker and Author, says: “Unleashed is a poignant view into the lives of a father and son who have autism” and labels it a “must-read” for all parents.

Robert J. Hall, Ph.D. of Western Governors University calls it an “enlightened account of the lives of a father and son who have autism. It is informative and insightful with moments of sorrow and despair followed by joy and hope. While written for parents looking for help, from an autistic perspective, Unleashed is also applicable to any behavioral concerns and valuable for all parents, healthcare professionals, and educators.”

Unleashed has also been praised by Bobbi DePorter, President, Quantum Learning Network / SuperCamp for its “authentic and engaging voice” and “simple yet powerful insights” that help build harmony while helping parents build better relationships with their children, and with themselves. Meanwhile, Robert S. Weisskirch, MSW, Ph.D., Professor of Human Development, California State University, Monterey Bay applauds its “direct structure for addressing challenging behaviors that any parent can use.”

The applied approaches in Unleashed are based upon the work of prominent experts with decades of neuroscience studies, and evidence-based practices that have served thousands of successful families. Reavis demonstrates firsthand how applying these approaches can dramatically transform the challenging situations that typically hold children back from doing well.

Aside from taking readers on an engaging and emotional journey, the book arms them with the tools needed to feel inspired, informed, and empowered on the road to changing their child’s life forever.

Author Bio:

Chris Reavis is a parent coach, techie, and entrepreneur. He helps adults understand how their kid’s brains work. With this new expertise, adults can unleash the brilliance inside their child. Chris also happens to be a person on the autism spectrum. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his two kids, wife, and wonder dog Penelope.

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