New Book on Sonic Branding Solution Exposes Success & Failure

Latest book on sonic branding, THE BRAND AND THE BAND, provides examples of how sonic branding solutions are re-shaping music and brand communication.It’s revitalizing the music industry as artists and music professionals help companies create engaging and authentic brands with sound branding strategies.

A new book by Spanish-St. Lucian author Laura Montarroso, THE BRAND AND THE BAND, has just been launched on Amazon.

It is a lively, fun-to-read and informative book that explores aspects of a changing music industry and brand marketing. Artists, musicians and music professionals are discovering new avenues in business using their skills and knowhow to help build engaging and authentic brands with sonic branding solutions, which make a sound business.

THE BRAND AND THE BAND - Sonic Branding Examples & Solutions ebook is a guide that can help artists and brands develop successful partnerships. According to the author, it covers “multiple areas in sonic branding and offers new and valuable information for today's music executives, brand managers and artists”.

Laura’s aim was to outline the huge and growing influence of music in marketing communication and to demonstrate the possibilities and obstacles that brands and bands have when working together.

As Laura says: “I wanted to make the book very real by applying real life sonic branding examples and case studies of successes and failures. The book also demonstrates the difficulties that large and small companies have to overcome when partnering with music executives, artists and bands”.

Laura’s' book is based on her academic research as well as interviews with leading branding experts and music industry professionals. As she says, it is also spiked with "My personal experiences and insights gained from working within the music publishing sector at a time when technology, music distribution, management and promotion are changing rapidly. Brands and bands are working hard to understand and develop sonic branding solutions, skills, strategies and partnerships.”

The book covers the history of sound and music in branding and marketing with many case studies of sonic branding solutions and failures. It discusses the current changes taking place in the music industry and brands’ growing desire to add music and sound to their brand identity. A lot of these changes and initiatives are the result of social media and the sharing economy - that too is charted in the study - as are the origins of sound in advertising and the history of the sonic movement.

The book includes examples of the new-age sonic companies skilled in both brand marketing and music. It also explores the latest sonic marketing practices and offers tips and ideas for artists and brands. There are lists and links, resources for help and tutorials including video and other related material.

Readers of this book, including leading figures in the brand and music industries in Spain as well as in the UK, have found it very useful and its suggestions are easy to implement in real time scenarios and projects.

Rodrigo Saénz Messía - CEO of La Nevera Música summed up the book saying that it is "An exciting addition to one of the most promising fields of communication, where music and marketing are learning to go hand in hand”

Laura became fascinated with the new trends in the music industry, including music branding, synchronisation and licensing, after completing a placement at Peermusic Spain, one of the most recognized music publishers worldwide. This internship was part of her four year full time degree in 'Audio and Music Technology' at the University of the West of England.

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Sonic Branding Examples, Solutions, Success & Failure

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About The Author

Laura Montarroso Daher Graduated with First degree honours in “Audio and Music Technology” at the University of the West of England, Bristol. While working on her degree, Laura also gained valuable industry experience - producing and recording local bands in Spain and the UK as well as promoting and developing artists' careers.

Laura's passion for music in business and commerce was ignited when working for Peermusic Spain, one of the most recognized independent music publishing companies worldwide. Conducting music searches for film, television and advertising, and proactively developing music campaigns related to the synchronisation side of the business. This sparked her interest in music branding; her research examined the symbiotic relationship of brands and bands.

Laura is originally from Madrid and has travelled to different parts of Europe and the US. She also had the privilege of living in the Uk and the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. This contrast in culture and lifestyle has been essential in her professional and personal development.

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