New Book Explores Spirituality in Islam Whilst Opposing Mainstream Discourse.

As a graduate of Islamic Law (sharia) and a full time therapist, AbdelRahman Mussa explores spirituality in Islam and tackles related modern day misconceptions.

The terms "purification of the heart" and "the purification of the soul" refer to the same function and are both used synonymously to mean spirituality. The Arabic term for purification is "tazkiyah".

The book “Purification of The Heart and Soul - What You Need to Know Before You Begin to Reclaim Your Heart” isn't an academic study, it is written informally with many stories.

An easy read, written specifically to remove misconceptions held by many about the process of tazkiyah and spirituality in Islam at large. This book will be a useful tool for anyone on the path of personal liberation, as well as those about to start this journey.

The Prophet Mohamad, Peace be upon him, teaches that a strong Muslim is more beloved to Allah than a weak one and that in both there is good.
Tazkiyah is therefore the process of becoming stronger by removing 'impurities' and by adding 'sweeteners'. AbdelRahman Mussa explores feats of strength shown by The Prophet (peace be upon him) and also by his companions, whom he taught personally.

Stories are included within this book because they provide the mind with anecdotes. The mind can then derive principles at the unconscious level allowing it to then create new understandings and projections therefrom.

The aim of the book is to impart important concepts missing from the Muslim dialogue about tazkiyah. Some of the concepts discussed oppose many currently held misconceptions.

The book starts by clarifying what real power is, then stories and narrations about The Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions are mentioned and lessons are extrapolated. AbdelRahman Mussa shares a few personal stories also and offers a bonus
gift at the end of his book.

From the very first chapter, it is evident that AbdelRahman Mussa believes that building strength is the core activity and fruit of tazkiyah. It's not constrained to acts of worship.

He also believes that acts of worship need to show their fruits in the resultant strength they give, or else they are actions of tokenism. Still necessary, but not fulfilling their deeper aims.

This book challenges the concept that spirituality is difficult and it also challenges modern day concepts that claim self-loathing to be a righteous act or deed.

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