New Book By Renowned Spiritual Teacher Alexandra Gold Reveals How To Live On Purpose.

Spiritual Teacher Alexandra Gold To Release New Book A Woman On Purpose:Become Spiritually Full,Financially Free & Confidently Unstoppable 17th May 2014 on

A new book from spiritual teacher and businesswoman Alexandra Gold offers an answer to this modern affliction, showing women how to turn their unique story into the fuel for a passionate, purposeful and prosperous way of life, giving them the confidence and business skills they need to gain their own independence.

A Woman On Purpose:Become Spiritually Full,Financially Free & Confidently Unstoppable (Release date 17th May 2014),tells Alexandra’s amazing story. After overcoming a brain tumour and struggling through eight years of fighting infection in her forehead bone, reconstructive surgery, further infection and a final operation to replace her forehead with a piece of her leg, Alexandra faced a decade of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and a lawsuit against the NHS. In hospital and not sure whether she would live or die, Alexandra promised herself that if she made it through, she would do everything she could to make the world a better place. She took decisive action to regain her health, build her confidence, create a business from scratch and earn her own money, and came out on the other side of her ordeal on a mission to inspire other women to become financially, spiritually and personally independent.

Alexandra has used her experience to create a system she calls the Golden Compass, to help other women find their own peace, purpose and passion.

The system covers work and wealth, love and relationships, health and wellbeing and a wealth of spiritual tools for positive living, including;

- How to find your purpose
- How to boost confidence and super-charge your self-esteem
- How to manifest money through mantras
- How to use visualization to achieve success
- How these spiritual principals and practices relate to running a business
- How to live through ebb and flow, learning from low points in life and embracing periods of growth and change
- How to stop struggling to achieve work/life balance and understand your natural rhythms
- How to make decisive choices, take decisive chances and create decisive change.

Alexandra says, “I always get what I want! When I needed, manifested and actioned money, I got it. When I needed, manifested, dreamed and actioned love, I got it. When I needed, manifested, dreamed and actioned travel, I did it. When I needed, manifest, dreamed and actioned community, I got it. When I needed, manifest, dreamed and actioned a job, I got it. It took me a very long time and some very hard times to understand the Alchemy of Life. But I think that all of the challenges I have faced have enabled me to understand, to empathize and to empower others.”

Alexandra Gold is an author,spiritual teacher and innovator in the self-development field. She draws on her personal story of suffering, inspiration and change to empower other women to take charge of their lives. She shares her message with tens of thousands of women around the world each week as an educator, and in addition to her coaching practice, Alexandra is also the founder of the A Woman On Purpose qualification, dedicated to training coaches to lead women in entrepreneurship and take centre stage in their lives.

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