New Blood Flow Restriction Bands Allow You To Gain Muscle With Light Weights

Kusha Karvandi has announced the arrival of Exerscribe's new Blood Flow Restrictive Bands, which are designed to build lean muscle through the restriction of blood flow. This tool is currently being promoted through by Kusha Karvandi, and allows the building of muscle to occur with less weight than other training techniques.

Kusha Karvandi has revealed that Exerscribe's new Blood Flow Restrictive Bands have arrived and are currently being offered through the Exerscribe sales channel at These bands allow for the building of lean muscle using lighter weights and work by restricting the blood flow to muscles as people work out with them. Kusha Karvandi has the following to say regarding the blood occlusion training technique:

“The beauty of occlusion training is that it doesn't require training with heavy weight. In fact, occlusion training can increase muscle size and strength with as little as 20% of your 1 rep max.”

The blood flow restriction training has been found to be working well. To explain the reason for this, it should be noted that the slow twitch muscle fibers in the human body are the first to contract during workouts and these are highly resistant to fatigue but grow slowly and require oxygen. The fast twitch muscle fibers have a better growth potential and do not require oxygen, but are lower in resistance to becoming fatigued. By using the Blood Flow Restriction Bands, gym goers can cause the slow twitch fibers to become fatigued faster so that the high twitch fibers are forced to handle the load at lower intensities.

Currently the product is being offered for $14.97 through and each order comes with a set of two bands so that both arms and legs can be exercised at the same time. The product is created using a polypropylene material and has a quick release cam buckle to easily apply, tighten, and loosen the bands on arms or legs.

The bands are made in the United States and are shipped from California. They can be delivered through within one to two business days, and currently have a shipping fee of $4.49 for orders within the U.S. Amazon reports the bands as being new, never before used items, and offers a review section for customer comments and queries.

Creator Kusha Karvandi describes the blood flow restrictive bands as a new type of biohack, and suggests that this type of training isn't for the faint of heart due to the intensity of the muscle burn that people feel during and following a workout. As the bands are used, muscle protein synthesis is increased, and so is satellite cell activation, making it much easier for the user to gain muscle mass with a much smaller exertion of energy than that of somebody who is not using the product. While this occurs, the body's myostatin concentration is reduced, which is an advantage, because myostatin limits the growth of muscle fibers, and lowers the potential for muscular growth during workouts.

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