New Best Selling Book “MINDGOALS” Seeks to Help People Achieve Greater Happiness and Meet Their Goals

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Kelsy Anderson Hoerauf launches her book, “MINDGOALS: 9 Steps to Focus on Your Goals and Live a Mindful, Fulfilling Life,” on July 28, 2021, reaching number one best seller. The book helps readers live more mindfully.

Kelsy Anderson Hoerauf LMFT wrote her book, “MINDGOALS: 9 Steps to Focus on Your Goals and Live a Mindful, Fulfilling Life,” to help people improve their mindset, meet and exceed their goals and create a life that aligns spiritually with their passions. The book hit the number one spot in three categories on launch day, July 28, 2021.

Developed by a therapist and life coach of over 10 years, the MINDGOALS method, detailed in the book, aims to help the reader achieve greater inner peace, less anxiety, greater career success and increased overall life satisfaction. It does this by focusing on key areas including mindfulness, mindset, goal setting, meditation and spirituality.

Because success is tied to happiness, learning to meditate is detailed because it can increase happiness and inner calm. As happiness increases with inner peace, stress will decrease. From this place of decreased stress and increased peace, one's purpose that is in line with spirituality can be explored. This is the most powerful lesson, since engaging in activities in line with your purpose create a path towards experiencing spiritual fulfillment.

"Kelsy’s book is a fabulous read for an in-depth look at how we can overcome the challenges we deal with - how to turn our mental health disorders into superpowers. I highly recommend it to everyone - both those struggling and those looking to help understand what a loved one is facing." ~ Jeanette Warner

"Now (since engaging in coaching with Kelsy) I feel like I have tools to help me block out the feelings of inadequacy. I really feel blessed, because I know with coaching I have gotten a head start that many people don't get. I feel like I am now set up for success in whatever I choose to do. I am beginning to change the way I think about myself. When I go about my day I have the tools to show myself that I am capable rather than confirming to myself that I am not." ~ Elise Bugala

Hoerauf knows mental illness from the inside out because of her own struggles. Through the study of psychology and positive psychology, she has come to understand the deeply connected nature of self-confidence and achieving one's goals. Her passion has been in working on mindfulness which increases happiness, focus and lowers stress.

Kelsy's Coaching LLC was founded in 2020 by Kelsy Anderson Hoerauf LMFT following her over 10 years experience providing therapy and coaching. The purpose is to help people get to the next level of happiness and success regardless if they have a mental illness. She helps women overcome barriers to their own happiness and success whether real or in their minds.

Hoerauf helps women who doubt themselves face their fears and break through life's barriers both real and in their minds. Her Empowerment Life Coaching helps people feel confident and empowered to do what needs to be done. Combinbing the fields of psychology and personal development, support is given so focused action steps can be taken in the direction of the life of your dreams.

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