New App Launches To Help Users Get Home Safely With The Power Of People

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The Peace Watchers app connects people to their community to prevent danger and provide peace of mind.

Monday, December 7. San Diego, CA: A new startup has proudly developed and released a new app that aims to establish safer communities by building a network of civilians that actively look out for each other when they are in potentially vulnerable circumstances.

The Peace Watchers App Helps Everyone Get Home Safe

We all feel anxious about some things. For some, it's walking in a deserted parking lot late at night. For others, it's being pulled over by the police. That sense of loneliness and foreboding can be difficult to shake, and there is real danger out there. The Peace Watchers app from The Peace Watchers, LLC looks to provide relief for people who are frightened and anxious about stressful and dangerous situations.

Justin Austin, CEO and Founder of The Peace Watchers, LLC, says, "After the murder of George Floyd, it really hit home how many in my community and across the country were feeling anxious about interacting with the police. Along with that, there are many Women who have to be out late at night for work or other reasons. Having more people to observe not just reduces anxiety, but gets people home peacefully."

The app works by connecting people with their community. If a user is walking home alone, or has been stopped by police, they can open the app and drop their location. This will send an alert to everyone nearby who also has the app. Those users can then come to PEACEFULLY observe the situation in hopes that every situation ends safely for all involved (including the Officer).

The Peace Watchers also provides a community where users can share experiences and discuss issues related to the community's safety in general.

The app launched on September 12, 2020. For more information, and to download it, go to The more people who have the app, the safer everyone will be.

About Peace Watchers, LLC

Peace Watchers is a Community Safety App developed by a group of enthusiasts headed by Justin Austin. As a tool used to promote the Rebirth of true Community, it sets out to carry communities into the New Normal where we continue to show love, support, and understand each other.

More information can be found at Alternatively, press contact Justin Austin can be reached at 6192415192 or

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