Neuroscientist Says Blood Flow Restriction Training Is Scientifically Proven

Kusha Karvandi, a Neuroscientist & Strength and Conditioning Specialist, has made the announcement that Blood Flow Restriction Training has been proven by scientists to be the most effective method of building muscles. To promote this form of strength training and muscle building, he has provided consumers with the ability to purchase Occlusion Training Bands through his Amazon sales portal.

Neuroscientist & Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Kusha Karvandi, has announced that scientists now agree Blood Flow Restriction Training is the best method for building muscle during exercise. In order to supply consumers with the most optimal way of achieving this form of workout, Kusha designed his Occlusion Training Bands, which can be purchased through his Amazon sales channel. He has stated:

“For years we’ve been told the only way to build muscle is to increase blood flow, but occlusion training is proving that the opposite has an extremely effective anabolic effect. The beauty of occlusion training is that it doesn’t require training with heavy weight. In fact, occlusion training can increase muscle size and strength with as little as 20% of your 1 rep max.”

The bands work by restricting blood flow during an arm or leg work out so that muscles are stimulated to grow faster with less force. To do this, the fast twitch muscles of the body, which are less engaged during a workout, are encouraged, and help prevent fatigue while building muscle more quickly. This allows bodybuilders and athletes to train without over exerting themselves at the gym or other work out locations.

Kusha Karvandi has made it clear that in providing these tools to the public he hopes to help all men and women to have more control over muscle growth without the need for extremely heavy weights. He has said the following regarding the practice and what it can bring to those who train with the bands:

“In studies of both young and older populations, blood flow restriction training has yielded considerable gains in muscle size without lifting heavy weight. In fact, in one study, the heavy-resistance training group was often working with four times the weight used in the blood flow restriction group. Based on such findings, BFR training appears to be the holy grail of muscle building.”

BFR training has become a popular and scientifically accepted method of training muscles, according to Kusha and his team. He has reported that blood flow occlusion training has been successful for him, and that the design of his bands includes comfort and convenience to allow those training to stay focused on building muscle rather than on the equipment they are using to do so.

Kusha Karvandi expresses that he believes everybody can “unlock superhuman potential”, and provides a breakdown of the scientific data found on blood flow restriction training, as well as his product on the Amazon sales page. Here consumers can also learn more about what previous buyers have thought about the product, read a list of interesting FAQ’s and discover the potential of what Kusha believes is the best thing to happen to muscle and weight training since the dumbbell.

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