Neom World Coin Launches Crypto Project With A Roadmap To Supporting Global Climate Change Initiatives

In a bid to promote more significant climate change awareness, Neom World, now registered in the UK, introduces a game-changing crypto project that merges education and action to make a difference.

Neom World has unveiled a cryptocurrency project for a game-changing NFT collection that seeks to lead the charge in the fight against climate change via a combination of education, blockchain, and products to promote a better and more sustainable planet.

At the same time, Neom World also rose to the challenge of meeting the growing needs of the creator economy by delivering the best-in-class NFT utility token.

Neom World aims to launch the following products: Exchange, Defi wallet, Gaming, NFT Collection, Solar Panel Distribution, Smart Farming Technology, Blockchain, Neom Online Crypto University, and Debit Card.

"Neom World wants to contribute to the climate change awareness problem and directly support efforts to combat climate change through several innovative and multi-faceted approaches involving participation in the implementation of smart farming technology, establishing a solar panel company to help with competitive energy costs for consumers, among others," a company representative said in a statement.

The innovative cryptocurrency project also seeks to lead efforts in adding an online game to educate the general public on how to best combat climate change at a personal level and how to change the farming and plant system starting from an individual-efforts level on education and importance.

In order to make climate activists rich so they can bring initiatives and global efforts to support environment preservation, Neom World has built a new green belt in Africa to prevent the destruction of forests and support issues that are in place.

Neom World also strives to build infrastructure in selected areas and alleviate poverty. The team plans to go to undeveloped communities that do not have water wells in Africa to help the Africans.

Sir David Attenborough inspired the idea of Neom World, offering the concept of educating the consumers starting from an individual effort level. Given the centralized powers of the world (world governments, corporations, universities) have largely failed to act together to save the planet by slowing to stopping the rate of climate change, Neom World believes that decentralized token is the best way to solve climate change.

The Neom Team has scaled up efforts to build a direct debit system, a Defi wallet that allows users to access decentralized finances, applications, and exchanges using their self-custody funds, and build a green blockchain with fast settlement and finality while spending minimal power usage.

The team aims to reach the target of two million trees in the last phase. The team is set to launch the initial product in 2022. The company is already registered in the United Kingdom.

In the long run, the money from Neom World will go to a wallet to ensure the transparency of funds that anybody can see and audit on the blockchain. The whole project will be purely crypto-based and only deal in cryptocurrency via the company wallet for transparency purposes.

Forty percent of Neom World's profit will be shared with the Neom NFT holders. The company's top vision is to create a public company and continuously increase its reach over solving the problems of NFT and crypto ecosystems.

Those who want to learn more about Neom World Coin may visit the website for more information.

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