Neil Dhillon Discusses the Facts About Thought Leadership

Neil Dhillon, a recognized expert in lobbying and marketing, discusses the facts about thought leadership: what it is and how it can be used to the advantage of anyone who wants to create meaningful content.

When asked, “What is thought leadership?” Neil Dhillon, a recognized marketing expert, lobbyist and former Presidential aide, has one answer: “Telling the truth.” Ultimately, thought leadership, according to Dhillon, consists of giving people answers to their most important questions and, in the process, driving the results that they get from their own efforts.

“Simply put, thought leadership does not mean controlling someone else’s thoughts,” says Dhillon, “although many people seem to believe that this is what it means. Instead, thought leadership is about supplying the answers people need to their most important questions. In order to do this, the first ingredient in thought leadership is listening carefully to what others are asking.”

Dhillon notes that good listening skills are foundational for any communication. “Without listening, you do not know what people are really asking and you may be answering the wrong questions,” he says. In order to listen effectively, Dhillon advises searching for the questions people are actually asking. “Start by typing a search question that you think people are asking, and check on the results. You may be surprised to learn that people are actually asking a different question.”

Another aspect of thought leadership is audience participation. “Too many people who are supposedly experts in thought leadership try to tell others what the answers are without hearing their input,” says Dhillon. “The fact is that communication is a two-way street. It is impossible to simply dictate answers into a void and expect to have a good outcome. You must listen carefully to what others are saying and their responses to your suggestions in order to determine how well they are understanding your content.”

A solid content strategy is a key ingredient in good thought leadership, according to Dhillon. “Without the right content, there is no such thing as thought leadership. You must get your content in front of the audience, and then you must give them an opportunity to respond to your content. From those responses, you can draw conclusions about the effectiveness of your content strategy.”

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About Neil Dhillon: For decades, Neil Dhillon has been a leader in global public affairs while working with various administrations in Washington, D.C. Mr. Dhillon has worked as a successful lobbyist with direct access to the White House, Congress and state government leaders, including cabinet secretaries, Congressional leaders and Committee Chairs as well as governors. Today, his firm provides solutions to complex regulatory and legislative issues, thought leadership platforms, crisis communications and media relations.

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