Neighborhood Painting, Inc. Announces Full-Service Painting for Residential Customers

Full-service painting includes repairing rotted areas, fixing siding, and staining fences, reports Neighborhood Painting, Inc.

Neighborhood Painting, Inc. recently announced expanded painting services for residential customers. Along with painting, the company will now handle the repair of wood rot, which is often discovered during these projects. It also takes care of fence staining, siding repair, and similar work.

"When we arrive on a site to do exterior residential painting, we often see more work that needs to be done," explained R. Toelkes. One of the most common types of work needed is wood rot repair. This is especially true if it's been a while since the customer has had painting done. Failed areas of old paint can let water reach the wood, and this causes rot to start. With some painting companies, the customer is forced to look elsewhere to get the rotten areas fixed, and this delays the painting job. When people hire us, there are no such hassles. We'll put new wood in where it's needed and then paint the entire area so it's all protected and everything blends in nicely."

Wood rot can occur in any wooden surface, but it's most common around window frames, door frames, and anywhere the wood touches the ground. This is because these areas collect more water, which both strains paint and provides great conditions for the growth of mold and bacteria. Therefore, the painters will be sure to inspect these spots as well as any other areas that are to be painted.

Homes that are old enough to need painting often need a bit of touch-up work in other areas, too. Some of the siding may have been damaged by storms and other such assaults through the years, and it's likely that a wood fence will need a new coat of paint or stain around this time, too. Therefore, Neighborhood Painting offers these services along with their main painting service. By fixing all of the "little things" at the same time the painting is done, they can make an older home look like new.

"Painting the outside of a house and fixing it up makes the exterior look great, but the inside also needs to be taken care of," Toelkes reminded. "That's where our interior house painting services come in. These services go far beyond covering the broad areas of the walls and ceiling. We also paint trim, paint or stain banister posts, and take care of other items that are often ignored by basic house painters. We offer our wet and dry rot repair services for interiors, too."

It's clear that Neighborhood Painting, Inc. isn't satisfied to just take on the easy jobs. Those who want more than just a coat of paint will find that all of their needs are taken care of by this company.

About Neighborhood Painting, Inc.

Neighborhood Painting, Inc. is a painting company that serves residential and commercial customers in the Kansas City area. It was founded in 2002 and built on the principles of providing superior reliability, strict punctuality, and excellent customer service. Along with painting, the company also handles repair needs like replacing rotted wood and fixing siding.

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