Expands Operations to Las Vegas, NV

Need to Sell My House Fast is excited to announce the grand opening of its new branch opening in Las Vegas. is excited to announce the grand opening of their new offices in Las Vegas, NV. is a real estate investment company specializing in purchasing distressed homes directly from the public. However, the company does more than that; it gathers and distributes helpful resources and guides that inform and educate home owners on topics including foreclosure avoidance, selling strategies and tax planning.

The Nevada real estate market is recovering nicely, which makes the website a welcome addition to the city. Nevada recently posted one of the largest foreclosure rates in the country, which means that people will need a place to go in order to avoid the devastating process.

The company continues expanding its operations drastically. Amir Seliger, the company's president said in a private interview, "Las Vegas is just the first office of many as we continue to expand our operations into more markets. We plan to open offices in Houston, TX, New York, NY and Phoenix, AZ.” This will put the company in a position to help keep thousands of people out of the cold.

The company is known for their ability to assist home owners in their time of need. Not only do they help give people the ability to avoid foreclosure, they can also assist in helping home owners pay off their bad mortgages and get the cash they need by selling their homes.

Unlike other cash home buyers, is unique in its ability to help others while still offering quality service. Many companies that offer house buying services have a stringent screening process they use to take on a home. They have numerous criteria a home needs to meet before they will start the sale. NeedToSellMyHouseFast, however, will take the house on regardless of equity, condition and even code violations. This gives them the power to help more people, while still maintaining a profit that allows them to expand their operations.

NeedToSellMyHouseFast takes pride in keeping their integrity in an often predatory business. While many real estate acquisition companies work by offering home sellers ridiculously low offer, NeedToSellMyHouse looks to achieve mutually beneficial arrangements where home sellers are treated right and given a fair price for their properties.

Real Estate investors provide a valuable service in a time when so many people are losing their homes, and this makes NeedToSellMyHouseFast a valuable service for any city. With the expansion of the company into new markets, NeedToSellMyHouseFast continues to fulfill its mission of helping to keep people off the streets while getting the cash they need to get back on their feer.

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