Nawal Hamadeh of Hamadeh Educational Services Highlights Central Topics Addressed at Michigan Charter School Symposium

Through a series of dynamic presentations and engaging sessions, the attendees were able to explore in-depth the most pressing issues confronting the charter movement.

Educators, administrators, parents, and exhibitors streamed into the Detroit Marriott in Troy, MI on December 11 and 12, 2019, for the Michigan Charter School Symposium (MiCSS) organized annually by the Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA). As in previous years, this exclusive event provided a platform for the brightest and most forward-thinking education professionals to share experiences, advocate for change, and inspire their charter school colleagues to support innovation and progress. As a premier institution catering to the academic needs of Pre-K through 12th-grade students from more than 20 countries, Hamadeh Educational Services (HES) founded by Nawal Hamadeh, a world-renowned educator who serves as President and CEO, topped the list of attendees. Hamadeh Educational Services embraces diversity. Its rigorous curriculum promotes lifelong learning and strong leadership skills in addition to cultural understanding and compassionate behavior. The result is a dynamic student body ready for the global challenges of the future.

Through a series of dynamic presentations and engaging sessions, the attendees were able to explore in-depth the most pressing issues confronting the charter movement. According to Nawal Hamadeh, president and CEO of Hamadeh Educational Services (HES), the 2019 MiCSS continued the tradition of offering participants an exciting, intellectually stimulating function that also provided numerous opportunities for networking and socializing. Several topics dominated the presentations and sessions, including K-12 access and equality, teacher empowerment and retention, measures of student success, strategies for building strong relationships between school boards and authorizers, and the advancement of innovative education methods. As an organization deeply committed to inclusion, diversity, and high achievement, Hamadeh Educational Services applauds the attention drawn to barriers that face families who want their children to receive a quality education by offering comprehensive special education services available for students with special needs and all classrooms benefit from paraprofessionals as well. These co-educators provide additional support within the classroom environment.

Hamadeh Educational Services is the vision of founder Nawal Hamadeh, a world-renowned educator who serves as president and CEO. She started the organization with a mission to foster an environment that not only promotes scholastic excellence but also celebrates cultural diversity and inspires students from all backgrounds to embrace and respect their differences. Her firm belief has driven her to the conclusion that every child should have access to a high-quality education. Through its team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, HES aims to create a network of nationally and internationally recognized schools that operate modern educational facilities which provide an innovative learning experience and motivate students to excel. All HES staff adheres to Hamadeh Educational Services’ mission to celebrate and embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion in every employment decision, curriculum planning, and student class assigning.

HES is a full-service educational service provider dedicated to working with students to ensure that they develop dreams for their future and are prepared to pursue their goals successfully after graduation. HES Academies’ approach to education has been proving itself for over 22 years and is reflected by the success of its students. The HES Academies’ developmentally based curriculum offers a unique and rare environment for students to grow and develop into the type of young adults every parent wants, ones who are intellectually curious, vibrant, happy and well adjusted.

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