Navigate COVID with Narwall, the Snorkel-Inspired Face Mask More Effective than an N95 with Face Shield

The Narwall Mask is more Effective than an N95 with Face Shield

Narwall, the revolutionary new full face shield that is more effective than an N95 mask with a face shield, is now live and accepting orders to make navigating the pandemic waters a bit safer this holiday season.

For those still finding their sea feet in 2020, the aquatic-inspired Narwall face mask promises to offer the ultimate in COVID protection. Equal parts futuristic space mask and retro superhero, the Narwall mask’s look and design was inspired by the Narwhal whale— the not-so-mythical unicorn of the ocean. Standard cloth masks, even N95’s, aren’t perfect; and the Narwall sets out to improve every aspect of the humble cloth mask.

“Most people these days, when they think about gold standards for protection, they think of N95 masks with face shields,” said founder Alex Rattray on the inspiration behind the project. “The face shield helps protect you from the spray of droplets, but of course, it doesn’t wrap around the corners of your face, and it doesn’t really prevent you from touching your face, either.”

The FDA registered Narwall Mask provides airtight, full-face protection and is both more comfortable and more effective than an N95 with a face shield. It features:

• Better filtration: >99.5% filtration efficiency (compared to >95.0% for an N95) of 0.1-micron particles
• Filters made in the USA
• Better eye protection: Does not leave a gap at the side (unlike a face shield) and prevents users from touching their face
• More secure fit: Based on a snorkel mask, so it’s easy to ensure an airtight seal (unlike most masks)
• Dishwasher safe and reusable
• “Fit Test” compliant per CPR Baltimore, an organization which assesses safety and emergency response programs

“It was really difficult to have a one-way airflow that still gave you fully filtered exhale, and that was absolutely critical to me— that not only are you protecting yourself, you’re also protecting others. And that took some tricky engineering to get right. That one-way airflow means that the air you’re breathing in is coming from above your head, it’s coming in filtered from a very safe place,” adds Rattray. “It helps ensure that there’s no fogging in the front of your mouth, because any moisture will get flushed out anytime you breathe in, and the moisture and heat of your exhale just goes right out the front of your mouth— it actually makes for much cooler, fresher breathing.”

Launched last week with coverage in the Washington Post, Yahoo and Inside Edition— the Narwall Mask retails for $85 and is available to purchase at

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