Nautilus Associates Launches Improved New Ship Listing System

New listing system will make finding container, tanker, and other kinds of ships for sale even easier and faster, Nautilus Associates reports

Nautilus Associates announced the launch of the company's advanced new online ship listing system at Designed to better serve the expressed needs of buyers who use the company's services, the new ship listing system boasts greater ease of use and more informative displays than its predecessor. The new ship listing system also makes use of a more powerful back-end engine, allowing for more productive searching and filtering of the many Ships for Sale & Purchase in the Nautilus Associates catalog.

"After listening closely to what our valued users have to say, we have launched our newly redesigned ship listing system," Nautilus Associates founder Mike Mulrooney said, "and we are sure that this new tool is going to be of great value to those looking to buy ships of all sorts." Over 6 trillion U.S. dollars' worth of goods is carried over the world's oceans annually in ships designed specifically to hold standardized cargo containers, with this style of shipping accounting for at least 60 percent of the global total. Acquiring ships of this sort can be a long and involved process, however, as shipyards typically take several years or more to deliver their output to customers.

Nautilus Associates helps to cut down on the time and financial requirements involved in buying container ships and other shipping assets by offering easy, convenient access to extensive listings of duty-ready ships for sale. The company's Container Ship Sale & Purchase system incorporates many lessons learned over the course of founder Mulrooney's long career in the shipping industry and displays listings from a wide network of the world's busiest ship brokers.

That makes it as easy as possible for users of the company's system to locate and investigate ships that will contribute positively to their own shipping operations. A visitor to the Nautilus Associates site who is interested in container ships of roll-on, roll-off design, for example, can quickly navigate to the RoRo Ships Sale & Purchase
category in order to find timely, extensive listings of available ships of that kind all over the world. Buyers with other particular needs are just as well catered to, with the Nautilus Associates listing system being designed to make it as easy as possible to find and learn about tankers, bulk carriers, landing craft, and passenger ships, too.

The newly launched Nautilus Associates ship listing system makes using the company's services even easier and more productive than previously. Streamlined listing summaries allow would-be buyers to more quickly narrow down the wide selection of ships of every kind available at the site, while reorganized detail entries reflect extensive research into buyer needs and behaviors. Visitors to the Nautilus Associates site can also sign up for the company's email newsletter, a free periodical that alerts readers to the latest ship offers on the world markets.

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One of the world's leading ship listing services, Nautilus Associates brings together offers from top ship brokers in a format that is easy and fruitful for buyers to navigate.

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