Naturopathic Doctor Shares Steps for Treating Patients

Holistic healing helps bodies replenish under natural care

Rose of Sharon Holistic a Naturopathic Doctor is dedicated to sharing their wisdom and knowledge with those seeking to achieve a healthier life. The group has a set of dedicated tasks they work through with each patient to address needs and restore health. Tools to optimize health include Total Body Analysis, Homeopathy, Herbs, Metabolic Profiling, Bach Flower Therapy, Nutrition, and Supplementation to care for your body.

Optimizing health begins by correcting the diet to help avoid any food sensitivities that occur, as well as eliminate any foods that work against your natural metabolism. Allergies can prevent people from processing essential nutrients correctly, causing inflammation and irritation, or even create disastrous symptoms and side effects. These allergies might be resolved by providing a beneficial nutrient that may cause specific sensitivities and allergic reactions in food.

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During a seven-week process, the body will be guided with the support of the office to begin healing. The protocols used in solutions are well tested with many people and are based on natural healing techniques. The program is aimed to help activate stem cells, regenerate healthy tissue, and serve as a reset to get your body out of its own way. The modern diet may often have unwanted materials, unhealthy ingredients, and damage the body. This regiment is meant to help detoxify the body, and allow the healing process to take place.

Once the body is in a place where it is functioning correctly, an assessment of five different health indicators will take place. These five indicators work together to provide a picture of how the body is performing and can help map problem areas, or areas where the body needs attention.

Finally, the Stemnomic Solution is applied to help replenish cells and encourage internal repair. The program parallels in benefits found from ketosis, extended fasting, intermittent daily fasting, partial fasting, and is broken down into an easily understandable system. The focus on the patient is to take the necessary time and conditions to bring the patient into health. This is not done through medications that simply relieve symptoms without addressing problems. Not all routes to recovery are the same, and Preston Robinson makes it his duty to assess and present solutions in a way that is accessible to all.

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