Natural Rapids Shower Filter Receives Amazon Choice Badge

Natural Rapids has received the Amazon Choice Badge for their best selling shower filter that removes chlorine and other toxins from tap water.

Chlorine is a dangerous chemical that can be both helpful and destructive. Towns across the United States use chlorine and other chemicals to treat tap water so that it is safe for human consumption. Different levels of chlorine are often why water tastes and smells different city to city. Many people don’t like the smell and taste of their tap water and resort to bottled water and water filters to clean their drinking water. However, the water people put on their bodies is often ignored.

Aside from the strange taste and smell, unfiltered tap water can cause a variety of health issues. It can contribute to conditions like acne, eczema, dry skin, dry hair, and damaged nails. Shower filters like the Natural Rapids shower filter can remove chlorine and other toxins that are found in tap water.

“We have abundant access to water across the United States, but we’ve been disappointed to see that so many people shower with water that contains harmful elements that just aren’t worth putting on your body,” said Bruce Stevenson, founder of Natural Rapids. “We created this shower water filter to remove chlorine and other water contaminants so that people can shower with water that won’t damage the skin or hair.”

The Natural Rapids shower water filter has been a huge hit with Amazon customers. As a result, the shower head filter has recently received a new Amazon Choice badge. The things to look for in a shower filter is a good concentration of activated charcoal, KDF 55, and calcium sulfite. Together these three ingredients can filter both hot and cold shower water.

The shower filter by Natural Rapids contains the maximum concentration of ingredients that have been proven to filter shower water effectively. This unique shower water filter has risen to become a bestseller and customers are very happy about the results they have been getting. The Natural Rapids shower filter is popular because it works well and can be installed in almost any shower.

The shower filter is currently available on Amazon here:

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