Natural Nutrihealth Launches New Prenatal Vitamin Ultra Blend For Mothers And Babies

Mothers carrying children have specific nutritional requirements as the baby requires large quantities of natural vitamins, now provided in one pill by Natural Nutrihealth.

Multivitamins are a staple in many peoples’ diets these days thanks to an increased awareness of both the poverty of nutrients in processed food and the importance of nutrients to the in assisting the body to function properly. This could be no more important than when pregnant, when nutrients are taken from the body and used in the creation of the baby. The sapping of these nutrients from the mother can cause fatigue, sickness, stress and even illness which can then in turn threaten the baby’s health. In order to prevent this, Natural Nutrihealth has created an optimized nutrient formula for prenatal vitamins.

The prenatal vitamin supplement is available exclusively through the Amazon marketplace to keep overheads low and prices competitive, and come in 90 capsule bottles so that just two are needed to complete the entire term of pregnancy. They can be found at

The vitamins are created in an FDA registered facility and contains high amounts of DHA and Omega 3 to assist in the baby’s brain and spinal development as well as high iron content to replace iron lost from the mother in developing the baby’s circulatory system. The supplements offer a complete solution for just 22 cents a pill.

A spokesperson for Natural Nutrihealth explained, “When pregnant it is more important than ever to ensure that the body has a surplus of everything it needs to function at its best. The truth is that the human body is an amazing piece of engineering that can keep functioning even when it’s not getting its optimal nutrient intake, but that isn’t a risk pregnant women should want to take, and the Prenatal Vitamin Ultra Blend guarantees they won’t have to. It’s affordable, safe, high quality and packed with a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals that will keep both mother and baby at their peak during the pregnancy.”

About Natural Nutrihealth:
Natural Nutrihealth was launched in January, 2013 and is quickly becoming a recognizable name in world-class health supplements. All products are natural formulations providing Great Health through Good Nutrition. The company uses only premium, clinically proven ingredients in therapeutic dosages to maximize efficacy and economy for the consumer. Their latest product is a prenatal vitamin blend ideal for pregnant women and their growing babies.

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