Natural Calming Treats for Dogs Aimed to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Launch

K9 Pro's recently launched calming treats for dogs is an all-natural formulation that can help dogs deal with stress and anxiety caused by separation, travel, fireworks, visitors, and much more.

K9 Pro, a manufacturer of dog care products, announces the launch of its new calming dog treats. This 100% natural product is formulated to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. The treats are suitable for canines of all sizes and come in a natural flavor dogs find palatable. The product is currently available on the Amazon marketplace.

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“If your pup is stressed and anxious, they can behave erratically by barking, hiding or running back and forth continuously. These actions are signs of severe stress or anxiety. Prolonged periods of stress may cause health issues for your pet,” said Michael York, a spokesperson for K9 Pro. “K9 Pro Calming Chews contain all-natural ingredients that promote calmness and composure, especially during stressful events such as thunder, travel, or new surroundings. Calming Chews also help to moderate aggressive behaviour, calm hyperactive behaviour and help with separation anxiety.”

Just like humans, dogs are also prone to stress and anxiety, says the company. In dogs, anxiety or stress can manifest in unwanted behaviours such as urinating indoors, destruction of furnishings or apparel, and excessive barking. According to dog behavioural experts, the most common causes of canine anxiety and stress are as follows:

Illness or pain.

Fear from a terrible experience.

Prolonged deprivation of social and environmental exposure.

Aging changes to the nervous system, infectious diseases, or toxic conditions.

Separation anxiety resulting from a previous history of abandonment or prior neglect.

K9 Pro dog calming chews are made in the USA in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved facility, under stringent manufacturing standards. The primary ingredients of this all natural product include organic hemp seed oil, organic hemp protein powder, organic chamomile powder, organic passionflower, valerian root, L-tryptophan and organic ginger root powder.

Each jar of K9 Pro calming bites for dogs contains 120 soft chews. The company recommends two to five treats per day, depending on the dog’s weight.

Those interested in learning more about K9 Pro’s calming treats for dogs can visit the company’s official website or Amazon listing.


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