Natural Bully Stick Supplier Launches “Yep we Stink” Campaign

Dog treats supplier WyldLife Pets launches “Yep we Stink” campaign to raise awareness on the health benefits of stinky dog treats.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: WyldLife Pets, the premium dog training treats supplier, has just launched a new marketing campaign titled “Yep We Stink” to raise awareness about using stinky bully sticks that are better for the health of dogs.

According to Colin Campbell, a spokesperson for the company, “Natural is always better – both for human beings as well as their pets. If you want to take good care of your dog, it is important to provide them with the right diet that fulfills their nutritional requirements. Bully sticks, such as ones made by our company, are a great alternative to the other dog treats available in the market.”

Bully sticks, especially the natural ones, are known to smell incredibly bad as per human taste. However, this stink is a good sign, especially for the health of one’s canine friends. Stinky bully sticks are completely natural and do not have any added chemicals to them – this means that they do not have any nasty additives that can harm dogs.

Opting for non-smelly bully sticks can be a tricky thing – while they smell much better than natural bully sticks, they are harmful to animals. This is because the smell of the meat is removed through a bleaching process, which dramatically increases the added chemical content of the treat. Bleached food is not something we’d recommend for human beings, with dogs being no different.

It is important for dog owners to select the right bully sticks for their pets which are free of any harmful preservatives or artificial ingredients, keeping in mind that these treats are a great way of calming down anxious pets too. WyldLife Pets specializes in producing natural dog treats made in the US only. To learn more about the brand, please visit their official website –

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