Natural Acne Treatment Product Prevents and Tackles Inflammation

New natural skin care product prevents and tackles the inflammatory events that are involved in acne lesion initiation, not just the secondary events that lead to blocked pores where acne bacteria starts to reproduce uncontrolled.

Regardless of the fact that in 2003 researchers in the UK discovered that "Inflammatory Events Are Involved in Acne Lesion Initiation" (Journal of Investigative Dermatology (2003) 121, 20-- 27. Anthony HT Jeremy, Diana B Holland, Susan G Roberts, Kathryn F Thomson and William J Cunliffe. Division of Dermatology, University of Leeds, and Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, UK) the acne industry firmly insists in marketing and developing acne treatment products that eliminate acne germs as their major target and assume that by eliminating those bacteria the inflammation will eventually disappear.

The results from the clinical study show that inflammatory events take place prior to and function as possible causal elements in the hyperproliferation of the follicular epithelium or the cells lining the walls of the sebum ducts, instead of secondary consequential events.

Acne starts developing way before pimples, blackheads, papules, pustules and cysts show out, or before any sign of too much bacteria in the pores. The reproduction of acne bacteria is the repercussion of blocked pores because only when there is no oxygen inside the pores can acne germs, which flourish in an anaerobic environment (without oxygen), reproduce uncontrolled.

The shedding of a lot of dead cells from the sebum walls obstructs the pores. And the obstruction leads to an implosion of the cells.

Previously there has been no clear hypothesis on what makes the immune system react with inflammation except the hypothesis that "an essential fatty acid (linoleic acid) deficiency exists in acne in the keratinocytes of the follicular wall caused by the dilution effect of high sebum production. This would lead to perturbation of the barrier function (Elias et al, 1980) within individual follicles and induce the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, i.e., IL-1alpha, tumor necrosis factor alpha, from keratinocytes into the dermis, stimulating an inflammatory cascade".

Andes Natural Skin Care LLC has made BIOSKINFORTE, a strong natural acne treatment product to tackle the root cause of acne. It was formulated on the basis that injuries to the cells lining the walls of the sebum ducts, or signals that there is not enough linoleic fatty acids in the sebum glands, are the initiating triggers of the inflammatory cascade that ensues.

The shear force of the sebum output could cause those injuries in times of adolescence or too much stress. Or, in a later stage of acne, it is the biochemicals secreted by the acne bacteria inside clogged pores that wear away the cells lining the follicular walls.

Considering that snail secretions (with proven skin regeneration properties and powerful antioxidants) is the primary component in all its line of 100% natural skin care products the hypothesis was that they would prevent inflammation if applied on the skin before pimples show up, and speed the regeneration of the cells of the walls of the sebum ducts further injured by the strong inflammatory reaction with its biochemical weapons, and therefore stop inflammation.

Bioskinforte also includes linoleic fatty acids in Inca Inchi Oil, and botanicals that act in synergy with the exclusive immune serum collected from live snails of the species Helix aspersa. They are extracts from the roots of the licorice plant and from the roots of coleus forskohlii. Both relieve skin irritation, lower the buildup of pigments and inflammation that are more or less frequent after acne resolves, help fight germs, and reduce sebum output.

The snail secretions contain several unique molecules. Among them are strong antioxidants, peptides and glycosaminoglycans (hyaluronic acid). The later add to moisturize the skin deeply and hyaluronic acid likewise contributes to the solution so that a deep moisturizing effect is warranted.

In 2012 a research published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, Bowe, the lead author, found that inflammation and oxidative tension caused by free radicals-- may play a function in activating acne, another principle that challenges the standard knowledge that plugged hair follicles are the primary instigator. (

Bioskinforte targets the source of acne and clinical trials and customers attest to the efficiency of a 100% natural acne treatment product.

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