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Nationwide Debt Direct COO Jeffrey DeLage was the recent subject of an expansive interview with the Huffington Post detailing the company’s hiring strategies and its consistent focus on outstanding customer service.

Jeffrey DeLage, the COO of Nationwide Debt Direct, was the recent focus of a Huffington Post interview. In the interview, which can be found at, DeLage covers a wide variety of topics, detailing the company’s hiring practices along with how the debt settlement firm’s services are uniquely beneficial to clients in need of addressing their outstanding financial obligations in an efficient manner.

David Jensen, known as the “Hiring Guru” on Huffington Post, conducted the interview with the longtime COO. The information included in the interview provides fascinating insight into the company’s focus on customer service, something that DeLage believes is sorely lacking among other firms in the industry.

Preaching accountability and continuity, DeLage asserts that the company’s success in providing excellent service while achieving favorable settlement results for clients is due in part to the unified vision of a management team that has been together for many years.

The COO also noted that developing strong relationships is key to the company’s success. “The team works hard every day to strengthen relationships with creditors and clients alike,” said DeLage in the Huffington Post interview. “It’s critical to be responsive and proactive to ensure clients recieve the best settlement terms and guidance.”

The guidance that DeLage refers to is an important facet of the company’s services, as many former clients have noted in reviews uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel that they feel empowered and are now able to operate with a greater degree of fiscal intelligence after working with Nationwide Debt Direct. These reviews, which can be found at, demonstrate that the company is committed to helping clients achieve long-term financial security through its services and its educational efforts.

The company’s services have also been praised by users of 123Notary, as a number of former clients have taken the time to write positive reviews regarding the services they received. The reviews, which can be accessed at, describe the consistent level of professionalism and praise the company for its expeditious operation.

About the Company: Nationwide Debt Direct is a company based in Frisco, Texas that specializes in assisting clients in the process of developing and implementing an effective strategy for eliminating all outstanding unsecured debt obligations. The company negotiates a settlement with creditors on behalf of its clients with the goal of significantly reducing the total amount of the existing obligation. The company is highly regarded for utilizing a client-centered approach that allows its team members to focus on providing a fast and positive resolution. The settlements negotiated by the company enable clients to avoid a bankruptcy filing that would result in a devastating impact on the client’s credit rating.

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