Nantuckit Furniture Company LLC Releases the New Cottage Fabric Lineup

Consumers eagerly await the new fabric offerings which are sure to suit any home reports Nantuckit Furniture Company LLC.

Nantuckit Furniture Company LLC proudly announces the release of 154 New Fabrics for their Cottage Slipcovered Furniture line. The addition of these fabrics ensures clients find exactly what they are looking for when it comes to every room of the home. "Whether one is shopping for slipcovered furniture or fine leather pieces, Nantuckit Furniture Company stands ready and willing to help find the perfect piece or pieces," Brendan Conroy, media spokesperson for the company, declares.

Cottage fabrics come in a wide range of colors and types to suit any decor. Whether one prefers natural colors and earth tones or favors vivid reds and greens, Nantuckit Furniture Company LLC supplies fabric to meet these needs. "Fabric choices offered for 2014 include Hester Spa, a 100 percent poly grade fabric, and Provence Splash, a 100 percent cotton offering. With the addition of these items, Nantuckit now carries fabrics that blend into any decor," Conroy exclaims.

With 154 new fabrics to select from, consumers may find they feel overwhelmed and unable to make a selection. To help narrow the choices, one can limit the items displayed by color and type. Prices appear with each fabric offering also. According to Conroy, items feature a number between one and ten, with one being the least expensive and ten being the most. Most fabrics are machine washable and Nantuckit clearly labels those which require dry cleaning, by adding the letters DC in the item description. Consumers find it very helpful to have all desired information right in the item description as this helps to narrow fabric choices.

Fabric types range from linen and florals to outdoor products because Nantuckit Furniture Company LLC understands consumers have different tastes when it comes to household furnishings. "The inclusion of outdoor fabrics in the 2014 Cottage slipcovered furniture line ensures consumers have consistent quality throughout the home. Many manufacturers only focus on the interior of the home, increasing the amount of time needed for buyers to find fabrics that blend well together. Outdoor fabrics are stain and fade resistant and durable, to ensure they hold up as long as fabrics within the home do as Nantuckit Furniture Company wants consumers to be satisfied with all purchases made through the company," Conroy proclaims.

About Nantuckit Furniture Company LLC:
Nantuckit Furniture remains an online custom furniture industry leader. Thanks to a selection of fabrics numbering more than 1,200 and four lines of furniture for consumers to choose from, Nantuckit specializes in creating completely custom furniture for each client they service. From slipcovered sofa groups to fine leather furniture, the right piece is now at the public's fingertips, and Nantuckit Furniture Company also offers outdoor furniture for a well coordinated look throughout the home.

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