Nano Spray Offers Pay In Installments Pay Pal Plan For Indonesian Beauty Product

Nano Spray offers Nano Spray MGI, a natural skincare solution for treating blemishes and signs of aging to the Indonesian market, and has now made it more accessible with an installment plan.

Indonesia is an emerging economy, with its amalgam of over 1,700 islands finding themselves an ideal trading stop for those en route to China, whose emerging economy is helping all of South East Asia join the boom. The result is that people are now able to afford luxuries that simply weren’t an option fifty years ago. This includes Nano Spray MGI, the most advanced commercially available skin treatment option in the world. Acne is a problem for a huge number of people in Indonesia and Nano Spray MGI can help solve it. Nano Spray, the local online vendor, is now offering payment plans to help more people afford it.

The new pay in installments plan ( allows individuals to set up a direct, repeat payment via PayPal to pay for the treatment in installments and therefore access it more affordable than making one lump sum investment.

Originally created in Japan, the treatment quickly became one of the top ten hottest selling products in the country before being exported to a global market. Nano Spray has brought this innovation to Indonesia and their focus in on making it as accessible as possible, even creating a forum ( so that the community can support one another through their transformations.

A spokesperson for Nano Spray explained, “The Nano Spray MGI has the potential to create a massive impact in people’s lives, improving their appearance and self confidence in just a matter of weeks and making clear skin a sustainable reality for those who suffer from bad skin. The drawback has always been that this advanced technology comes at a price many cannot afford outright- our payment plan now solves that problem and allows more people than ever to access this amazing treatment option.”

About Nano Spray:
Nano Spray offers specialized beauty products to the Indonesian market designed to combat the visible signs of aging and blemishes with a spray that naturally redefines the surface of the skin. The company is now offering installment plans via PayPal so that individuals can invest in this revolutionary skincare technology on piecemeal basis without having to break the bank. The site has also published a gallery of testimonials for the Nano Spray MGI.

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