NALPHI Luxury Tote Bags Light Up to Reveal What’s Inside

With luxury leather, smart features, and an automatic light, Nalphi is what high-end bags should be.

NALPHI, the all new luxury smart tote bag that auto-illuminates from the inside, is live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Traditional bags on the market usually fall on one end of the spectrum or the other— either highly fashionable and stylish, though with little functionality; or sports bags with high usability but very little care for style. NALPHI hopes the marry the two by introducing the ultimate tote bag stylish enough to be seen and worn everywhere, yet with all the functionality of an everyday carry.

"As a professional and a mother, I understand the problems that women face when choosing bags that are meant for work, then end up becoming a rucksack. They're full of useful and a few unnecessary features,” says founder and creator Naina Sehgal on the inspiration behind the project. “I was tired of carrying beautiful yet heavy bags with thin straps that dug into my shoulders as I juggled between work, home, kids, and occasional yoga classes. In other words, my bag needed to have a laptop, iPad, notebook, sunglasses, make-up, wallet, keys, lunch, a water bottle, snacks for kids, and yoga clothes at all times! Furthermore, with my busy schedule, I needed to quickly retrieve the correct items from my bag — all from one big black hole. Sound familiar?”

The great thing about larger totes are also its greatest flaw— a deep bag able to carry a large amount of items but also difficult to find and see what lands at the dark bottom of the base. NALPHI aims to solve the problem with a showcase feature that uses patented technology to automatically illuminate the interior of the bag when opened — making it easier to find and see exactly what is inside. The built-in InnerGlow LED light turns on the moment the bag is opened and turns off after a few seconds.

NALPHI is a smart and elegant bag which also boasts the following premium features:

• Full-Grain, Natural Pigment Luxe Leather
• Phone-charging power bank which keeps electronics powered up
• Built-in security system that alerts owners when someone opens the bag
• JustRight Organizational Spaces keeps bottles, keys and more neatly organized and accessible

Every component is purpose-built and designed for comfort, style, ease, and function. NALPHI only uses the highest-grade materials to ensure long-lasting longevity, durability, and quality. The product also remains at an accessible price point by cutting out the middleman by selling directly to consumers; erasing the traditional luxury markup seen in similar goods.

"Being a designer by profession and having spent years in the fashion industry — both in Italy and India — I refused to let fashion run over functionality and finally decided to take the matter in my own hands. This was the genesis of NALPHI, a company where we believe that a woman’s bag should be beautiful AND practical. So, we designed a beautiful bag made with the finest quality leather that solves the most critical and common problems faced by a busy, modern woman,” adds Naina.

NALPHI is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About Nalphi Inc.

Founder and Designer Naina completed her Bachelors in Fashion Design from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi, & then her Masters in Fashion Design from the renowned ‘Domus Academy’ in Milan, Italy. She worked at Jato SRL, Italy, servicing the top designers of Europe such as Etro, Valentino, Blumarine, Prada, Roberto Cavalli & many more. After a good number of years of experience, she’s launched Nalphi Inc. working on SmartBags, NALPHI, in partnership with Experiential Design Lab.

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