NAIA: The Digital AI Artist Shaking The Art Scene

The art world is currently experiencing a new revolution, one fuelled by the emergence of Blockchain and NFT technology.

Since the beginning of human history, the art world has been known for the breaking of boundaries that shape culture and society. Art is now undergoing a new cycle of innovation through the emergence of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that enable users to invest in digital based artwork protected by blockchain technology. NFTs are not only shaking up the entire art establishment but are also opening up opportunities for new art movements to emerge.

According to major art dealer Christies, the world-famous auction house saw over $150 million in NFT art pieces coming through their salesroom alone. The NFT trend is set to rise as an increasing number of artists are working through this medium and is something that no artist or art collector can afford to ignore.

One particular trend within the NFT world that is set to explode is the AI Generated art, also known as GAN ART.

According to CoinTelegraph, AI GAN art is expected to become the next big trend in NFTS. Not only does it tap into the latest advances in technology to deliver fantastic art, but it also break art traditions and defies the status quo.

One such NFT project that is taping into AI-Generated Art is called NAIA. NAIA is an AI artist who’s algorithm was trained to create art that captures the human experience as seen through the eyes of an AI.

A quick glance at NAIA’s collection will prove the intricacy and level of detail that make up her algorithm.

What is AI generated art and what makes it so different?

AI-generated art is created by artificial intelligence. It is produced by computer algorithms known as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANS). The technology trains computers to produce machine led art work and the results can be powerful stunning and sometimes unexpected. AI art pieces are already becoming ever more complex as the technology develops and AI learns more.

Unlike NFTs created by the human hand, artwork can be created by the AI using any influence imaginable as a start point. Results can be random or based on descriptive text, photos or any other influence.

The AI can also be programmed to create in a certain style such as impressionistic or futurist. The results are often dreamlike organic and complex in a way that would be impossible to create or imagine without the use of AI technology. It is the perfect juxtaposition of humankind and machine.

One key differentiator of NFTs is their ability to unlock utilities to holders. In NAIA’s case, utility includes the ability to vote on key strategic art acquisitions made by the NAIA Community Vault, as well as unlocking diverse benefits from NAIA’s upcoming Auction House. Holders will also have access NAIA’s Meta-Museum Of Fine Arts (MOFA). The Meta-Museum of Fine Arts (MOFA) is set to rival established traditional museums including National Gallery, the Louvre and MOMA.

The Renaissance era marked the birth of a new style of artworks. Renaissance art depicted an individual’s view of the ideal human. Will the 21st century prove to be a new revolution in art? One focused on the representation of the individual as seen through the non-sentient?

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