launches Airdrop Token Distribution Tool

Being one of the most popular smart contracts on MyWish platform, the team has built a brand new service allowing users to send their tokens to thousands of addresses in a few clicks.

Airdrop campaigns became an essential marketing tool for projects that are willing to reward their loyal holders, increase and strengthen their communities.

The Airdrop smart contract has been running on since 2018 and has been used by hundreds of users. More than $20 million has been distributed via Airdrop smart contracts created on MyWish.

As of right now, MyWish is providing a fresh and more efficient service. The new service makes it feasible to send ERC-20 and BEP-20 tokens to many addresses in a single transaction without the need for a smart contract. There are several advantages to using the Airdrop these days.

Hundreds of new initiatives are launched every day, and almost all of them make use of airdrop campaigns to spread the word about their offerings. Market demand for speedy and effective Token batch sender services is high as a consequence. MyWish Airdrop service helps minimize the number of transactions necessary for mass token distribution. The process of sending transactions to vast lists of addresses can be done more conveniently, quickly, and efficiently. To send tokens to multiple addresses, the options are perfect here.

Due to a reduction in the number of actions needed by users, the process of distributing tokens is quicker and more effective. The service itself distributes tokens without the need to create a smart contract.

Transaction costs have been minimized since the contract formation step has been avoided: there are no deployment charges, and users just pay for gas and platform fees instead of contract deployment fees. In general, over 2000 addresses fit a single transaction. However, this might vary depending on the token's blockchain. An updated interface identifies any inaccurate or non-existent addresses and is sorted in real-time. Users may also delete and edit their addresses anytime from inside the site. In addition to Metamask and Binance Chain Wallet, the new Airdrop service is also compatible with WalletConnect.

Such an update increases the number of people who can utilize the service. Tokens may be used in one of two ways: all at once or a specific quantity at a time. If you're up to sending a certain amount of tokens, you can see exactly how many transactions it will take in real-time on the Airdrop Services interface. This is also how the total Airdrop fee is computed and shown in the transaction. The whole transaction status is offered so that the user may keep an eye on things and exercise some degree of influence over the transaction's final outcome.

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In terms of building Smart Contracts, the MyWish Platform ( is unrivaled in the market. Many more than 35,000 smart contracts have been created. Our team has been supported from its beginning in 2017 by the TRON, EOS Community, NEO, WAVES, and the Binance Smart Chain.

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