myWindscreen, the UK’s Automotive Glass Repair & Replacement Network, Launches myWindshield in the US

The online network of local, professional ‘independent’ auto glass fitters and repairers.

Interactive Network Ltd, which operates myWindscreen, the popular online network for ‘independent’ auto glass fitters and repairers in the UK, has now launched a brand new network in the US. This new network, called myWindshield, enables US-based auto glass businesses to reach and engage with a valuable pool of potential customers – motorists who are in need of vehicle glass repair or replacement services in their local area.

Membership of the web-based platform ensures that auto glass businesses in the US can stand out from the crowd, and are able to capture a sizeable share of the many thousands of enquiries that are generated online. For example, in the US alone, approximately 80,000 searches a month for the key phrase “windshield repair” are being carried out on Google. The majority of this traffic is currently being captured by the bigger nationals, the businesses who have the most marketing and ad spend available. The goal of myWindshield is to provide members with greater visibility, ease of discovery, and potential customer engagement so that they can capture their fair share of the valuable online traffic.

"myWindshield is a people-powered, customer-driven organization, meaning that we empower our members, the auto glass technicians, to win more work and deliver a memorable customer experience." said myWindshield Managing Director, Ali Lijee. "As the world becomes increasingly digital, it's crucial that the technicians evolve and embrace the new digital age. By generating online inquiries, and having regular interactions with our members, we believe we can be instrumental in helping them to drive their auto glass businesses into the future."

About myWindshield
The myWindshield network has professional ‘independent’ vehicle glass repairers and fitters operating drive-in repair centers and call-out mobile services across the US. The network itself is run by Interactive Network Ltd.

Ali initially founded the myWindscreen network, which covers all the home nations of the UK, having experienced less than ideal levels of service from one of the larger national automotive glass companies in 2011. He realized that the type of personalized service that he was looking for was unlikely to be deliverable by a large corporation or franchise. However, he felt that the ideal level of service could be achieved by local, smaller, independent auto glass technicians who could interact directly with the end customer and really understand their own individual needs. What’s more, these smaller businesses could offer greater flexibility on both their service offering and their prices.

Having successfully established the UK network, Ali then came to the conclusion that the US was also crying out for a hassle-free way of getting vehicle glass repaired or replaced, at the right price, complete with personalized service delivery and with the added advantage of local knowledge. Hence, in 2019, Ali went on to establish the myWindshield network.

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