myNEXUS Announces Their Exhibit in Nashville at Booth 943 at AHIP Institute 2015

America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and myNEXUS Inc., will share ways to improve healthcare in America

myNEXUS, Inc. announces they will be exhibiting at booth 943 at the AHIP conference to be held in Nashville, Tennessee June 3rd-5th, 2015. The myNEXUS team will be available to explain the capitated and delegated benefit management services to attendees of this conference and how it benefits patients, members and health plans. All parties attending the conference should stop by the booth to learn more about myNEXUS, Inc. and how they are uniquely moving healthcare forward with their turn-key solutions for insurance companies.

"Individuals visiting the booth learn how myNEXUS optimizes HEDIS, STARS and other Quality Incentive ratings with the help of enhanced data collection and proactively identified undiagnosed diseases impacting risk adjustment factors. The technology-driven, connected care management services oversee the individual's health, allowing the patient to lead a healthier life while remaining in their own home. Early detection and better data help to achieve this goal," McArthur VanOsdale, CEO and co-founder of myNEXUS, Inc, states.

The Specialty Benefit Management and Remote Digital Health provided through myNEXUS captures and analyzes biometric patient data, using the revolutionary myLINK2Care (TM) system. Clinical algorithms then inform care decisions and generate preventative health recommendations, and doctors use this information to modify treatment plans when needed. The program has been shown to align incentives by reducing costs and preventing ER visits and re-hospitalizations by up to 80 percent.

"myNEXUS is proud to work with America's Health Insurance Plans, the national trade association that represents the health insurance industry. The association provides benefits to more than 200 million individuals through individual, employer-sponsored and government funded plans. myNEXUS believes these individuals will benefit from the use of specialty benefit management and remote digital health and feels the conference will allow them to reach even more in need of these services," VanOsdale advises.

myNEXUS receives daily health information from patients and uses proven intelligence to analyze this data. The goal is to anticipate changes before they occur and make modifications to the treatment plan to minimize or eliminate the effects of the changes. This allows the patient to get his or her health back on track and patients and families have peace of mind, knowing they are being proactive when it comes to their health.

"Everyone benefits when this type of system is used. Health care providers find they are better able to serve their patients, insurers pay out less as re-hospitalizations and ER visits are prevented and patients find they can retain their independence longer. The conference provides a way to share information about this technology with those companies most likely to benefit from it, and myNEXUS is proud to be taking part," VanOsdale proclaims.

myNEXUS invites attendees at the conference, hosted by the Music City Center, to visit booth 943 to obtain literature about the myNEXUS approach and enter the free drawing for a Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III.

About myNEXUS, Inc:

A company based in Nashville, Tennessee, myNEXUS connects different facets of the healthcare industry, including health providers, physicians, and insurers, with the goal being to reduce waste through better management of care. Making use of proven clinical criteria along with business intelligence, the company partners with insurance carriers to intelligently minimize the risks and costs associated with services provided in the home of the patient. This includes specialty benefit management services such as IV therapy, home health and DME. myNEXUS expertly manages outcomes together with aligned incentives to reduce costs to the entire system and reduce unnecessary re-admissions and emergency department visits. Individuals dealing with chronic conditions benefit from daily biometric monitoring which allows myNEXUS to detect, prevent and intervene when necessary. As a result, patients realize better outcomes, reduced costs and fewer re-hospitalizations.

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