myNEXUS Adds Matthew Chance and Dr. J. Fred Ralston, Jr., to Leadership Team

Chance will pursue growth as Chief Development Officer while Ralston helps hone company's strategy as newest Medical Director, myNEXUS reports

myNEXUS announced that Matthew Chance has joined the company as its Chief Development Officer, while Dr. J. Fred Ralston, Jr., has come aboard as its newest Medical Director. Arriving after a highly successful stint overseeing health engagement initiatives at Cigna-HealthSpring, Chance will contribute to strategic direction for myNEXUS in his role as Chief Development Officer, pursuing further product innovation and the development of value-based health care system network models. With a longstanding interest in finding ways to enhance the relationships between patients and their primary care physicians, Ralston will use his skills and experiences as a policy-involved physician to help myNEXUS enhance its relationship with insurers and their members and physicians.

"We're truly excited to announce that Matthew Chance and Dr. J. Fred Ralston, Jr., have joined the team," myNEXUS CEO McArthur VanOsdale said, "We're honored that these two highly accomplished individuals have decided to sign on and join the myNEXUS mission to improve care and quality while reducing costly readmissions. They are going to contribute immensely to the important work that we do here and we cannot imagine having found two more suitable or capable people."

With a home-based health management service that connects patients more closely to their health care providers and systems, myNEXUS has earned recognition from the Brookings Institution and others for helping to fundamentally transform and disrupt the way health care is provided in the US. The myNEXUS myLINK2Care™ system provides network-connected, in-home monitoring of key health indicators that allows health professionals to catch and avert potential problems before they result in expensive hospital admissions, reducing waste, cutting costs, and keeping patients healthier. This system, combined with myNEXUS's expert management of post-acute care, results in not only cost savings for the health plan, but an improved experience and outcome for the members of the plan.

Thanks to his impressive health industry background, including high-level leadership roles with Cigna-HealthSpring and HealthSpring of Alabama, Matthew Chance will make an especially valuable addition to myNEXUS as its new Chief Development Officer. With the company already enjoying rapidly growing awareness of the value of the myNEXUS health management approach, Chance will help tune its strategic direction and product development efforts to even more closely match the evolving and specific needs of existing and future clients. Throughout his career, Chance has consistently demonstrated great skill at driving revenue growth, building high quality provider networks, and laying down incisive strategic direction, qualities that will prove rewarding to myNEXUS in his work for the company.

For more than thirty years, new myNEXUS Medical Director Dr. J. Fred Ralston, Jr., has combined a commitment to excellence at general internal medicine with a deep interest in health care policy. An extraordinarily engaged medical professional, Ralston has served committees and organizations ranging from local hospital boards to the American College of Physicians, receiving many commendations for his efforts. In addition to actively lecturing on American health care history, policy, and reform topics, Ralston has worked tirelessly to find new ways of building stronger, more health-enhancing relationships between patients and their primary care physicians, a passion that will complement his many other qualifications in making him an invaluable addition to the roster of myNEXUS Medical Directors.

These two important new additions to the myNEXUS leadership team follow a number of others in recent months, positioning the organization for even faster growth and greater refinement of strategy. As recognition grows of the significance and value of what the company has to offer, myNEXUS leaders expect even wider adoption of its services to come.

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