Publishes Rising Obesity Figures for Singapore

Individuals often fail to maintain the healthy weight upon losing excess pounds, yet this diet plan helps to overcome that problem, reports Momentum Asia

According to the Singapore Ministry of Health, 10.8 percent of adults in the country were obese in 2010, an increase of 3.9 percent over a six period. The ministry defines obesity as a BMI greater than 30kg/m. The problem extends to a large portion of the world also, with the World Health Organization reporting worldwide obesity has almost doubled since 1980, with 3.4 million adults dying each year from complications of obesity. Individuals looking to lose weight and keep it off need a weight loss plan which works, and Momentum Asia is that plan.

"Momentum Asia is more than a Weight Loss Diet. It's a program one sticks with for life, as one must maintain the weight once they lose it. The diet meal plan lasts for 27 days and, upon completion of the diet portion, individuals making use of the programme learn to maintain their weight for life. This remains of great importance for those looking to reverse current health problems and prevent future ones," Jos Stuyver, founder of Momentum Asia, explains.

Momentum Asia differs from many diet plans in that it doesn't offer a miracle cure. One learns how to eat responsibly, to lose weight and keep it off over the long term. Fad diets fail in that they don't teach a person how to maintain their weight loss. Momentum Asia does, as it offers a three stage plan, one a person can easily maintain.

"One starts with a diet plan, a phase where the person learns to eat a balanced diet, supplementing with two products designed to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Once this phase is complete, the person moves into the stabilisation phase, a phase where the focus turns to expanding the diet to include a normal eating pattern. The final stage offers nutritional guidelines, recipes, and exercise tips, all designed to ensure the healthy weight is maintained. All three phases are essential to ensure the weight loss goals are not only met, but maintained for life," Stuyver continues.

Jos Stuyver founded the Momentum weight loss programme after becoming concerned about the rise of obesity and how extra weight affects a person's overall health. During his career as a physiotherapist and then while working in orthomolecular therapy, he saw where changes needed to be made. To tackle the problem at its source, Stuyver developed and refined his Momentum weight loss programme, one that helps consumers get healthy for life.

"What makes the Momentum Asia programme stand out is it looks at life after the diet. Consumers often take off the weight, only to gain it back again. Using this programme, that issue is removed. Consumers find they get fit for life and feel better for doing so. Anyone struggling to lose weight and keep it off for good should look into Momentum Asia, as it's a plan one can stay with permanently," Stuyver declares.

About Momentum Asia:

Individuals looking to lose weight turn to Momentum Asia when they want assistance in achieving their weight loss goals in a healthy, responsible manner. A three stage plan, Momentum Asia focuses not only on weight loss, but also on weight maintenance, an aspect most diet plans overlook. The comprehensive program offers the tools and resources one needs to succeed, including tasty weekly menus and intensive support. Consumers find Momentum Asia allows them to achieve their weight loss goals and maintain them for life.

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