Unveils New Collection for Pride Month and Offers Support to the Black Lives Matter Movement

As a company, our business ethic brings everyone together. We don't only support the needy and vulnerable members of society, but everyone who needs a hand.

Today, unveiled its new collection of Face Masks for Pride Month. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic affecting a majority of routine celebrations, the need for commemoration remains. Among these key calendar events are the Pride events, aimed at celebrating diversity and recognizing the LGBTQ community. These celebrations bring together all people in a harmonious union that celebrates diversity and freedom.

The Stonewall Riots birthed protest marches. Members of the society felt a need for acceptance, inclusion, and love. In the end, the global community embraced the idea, and the events were no longer protests but celebrations. works towards inclusivity. We seek cohesion and love for all. Our company has a stunning collection of colorful prints to make participants stand out and stay safe during this important commemoration.

At the moment, there is a push for justice and equality for all. The LGBTQ community has, over the years, sought freedom from stigma. MyMasks' Pride Collection shows acceptance and support for all members of society regardless of orientation.

In doing our part and giving back to society, MyMasks stands with the Black Lives Matter Movement. A percentage of our proceedings will fund black communities for education, sports, mentorship programs, and other sectors that work towards a better future for all. We will partner with the relevant individuals and institutions towards the achievement of this goal. The world is facing numerous challenges today, and we shall be part of the solution.

As we all work for a better tomorrow, there is a role and purpose for everyone. All our items come at pocket-friendly prices. We understand that the pandemic has affected individuals, businesses, and institutions alike. We, therefore, ensure that we play our role in availing the necessary PPE at an affordable price. MyMasks has a friendly customer support platform that promptly answers all questions and handles your inquiries.

Our impeccable balance ensures a vast catalog of quality products that come at an affordable price. That equilibrium is only complete if our designs incorporate all groups in society. unreservedly stands with the LGBTQ community and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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